'I'm still a diplomat' – Ardern's measured response when asked how she really feels about Trump

In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s four-year term as US President, Jacinda Ardern has continued her diplomatic stance towards him.

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The Prime Minister wasn’t about to dish any dirt on the former US President. Source: 1 NEWS

“Now that he is gone and you are unshackled from those diplomatic ties, could you tell us how you really feel about Donald Trump?” a reporter asked the Prime Minister today at a media stand-up. 

Ardern responded that “it would be obvious to everyone in New Zealand and anyone, actually, that obviously you know you come into politics often with very different perspectives than some of the other world leaders that you work with.

“I mean that’s obvious,” she pointed out.

“But our job has always been to make it work, on behalf of our countries, it’s obviously a lot easier to do that when you have a few more shared values,” she said.

“I am still a diplomat.”

Asked how she would remember Trump's term as President, Ardern said there was no question it had been “tumultuous".

“And I think we all benefit regardless of where we are on the political spectrum, regardless, I think we all benefit when we have an environment where you can have healthy debate, where you don’t see too much heavy partisan, tribal politicking that leads to unrest.”

Ardern said she really hopes, on behalf of the globe, that there will be a “more settled period but still one in which ideas are contested'.

Donald Trump’s presidential term ended at 6.00am NZT today as President Joe Biden took office.