If US-North Korea summit ends with denuclearisation, Trump's part 'needs to be acknowledged' - Jacinda Ardern

As the highly anticipated summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un nears, Corin Dann of TVNZ1's Q+A explains why the summit is important, for both the Asia-Pacific region and for New Zealand. 

Both leaders are expected to arrive tonight, and Mr Dann said the mood was a mix of optimism, that the leaders are at least talking, and skepticism if there will be a breakthrough of denuclearisation of the North Korea regime.

"Singapore is certainly buzzing," Mr Dann said. 

Corin Dan interviews Washington Post Tokyo Chief Anna Fifield about the historic US-North Korea summit. Source: Q+A

He said the summit was significant due to the progression of events. 

Corin Dann interviews Shawn Ho an expert in east Asian politics and security. Source: Q+A

"If you go back a year, there really was a great fear Kim Jong Un had developed these missiles and developed that nuclear programme to a point he could effectively fire missiles at the US. But if you're already in Asia, or in Japan in particular, they were firing missiles over Japan. There was a feeling things were really getting a lot more extreme, in terms of the possibility of conflict."

"You had Donald Trump, coming in as a new President, talking about fire and fury, rocketman. To have gone from that point, where conflict suddenly started to look very real, to here where we've got talks is huge."

Around 14 of New Zealand’s main trading partners are in the Asian-Pacific region. "Any conflict in Asia would have a dramatic impact" on New Zealand's trade routes. 

The US President is confident an agreement will be made. Source: Q+A

Mr Dann asked Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern about the upcoming meeting, who said if the US summit with North Korea ends with denuclearisation, Trump's part "needs to be acknowledged". 

She said if the outcome was denuclearisation in North Korea, "we all need to celebrate that".

"If Donald Trump plays a role in that, that needs to be acknowledged."

Corin Dann of TVNZ1’s Q+A explains the detail behind the much anticipated meeting. Source: Q+A


Education Minister announces $10.5 million funding as part of plan to address teacher shortage

New plans to address the teacher shortage will include an extra $10.5 million in funding and efforts to attract over 850 additional teachers, Education Minister Chris Hipkins announced today.

The Ministry of Education says that 650 extra primary teachers and 200 extra secondary teachers will be needed in 2019 to meet the rising level of demand due to growing numbers of students in schools.

"We know that some schools and parents, particularly in the Auckland area but also in pockets around the country, are concerned that not enough teachers are coming into the system, and we are determined to pull out all the stops to meet next year’s projected shortfall," Mr Hipkins said.

"We're committing an extra $10.5 million, on top of the $29.5 million already announced since late last year, to ramp up teacher recruitment initiatives and increase funding for schools - bringing funding to $40 million this year to fill vacancies."

The new package also includes the introduction of a new grant to encourage schools to employ more teaching graduates.  At present, only 80 per cent of graduates get a teaching job when they finish training.

Chris Hipkins says increasing the employment of newly graduated teachers is important and the grant will support schools to mentor beginning teachers, before they take their own classes.

The overseas recruitment target has also been increased for 2019 from 400 up to 900.

"We're continuing to focus on bringing New Zealand-trained teachers home, while also looking for other teachers from countries with qualifications similar to ours... …and to improve the support available to overseas-trained teachers."

The Plan

- Hire more than 850 additional teachers

- Extra $10.5 million in funding

- Up to 230 grants of $10,000 for schools to get more graduate teachers into classrooms

- Over 6,000 overseas-based teachers targeted in new campaign

- $5 million more available for overseas relocation grants and finder’s fees

- Easier access to up to $3,000 per teacher finder’s fee to help schools offset recruitment costs

Today the Education Minister announced an extra $10.5 million to help stem the current crisis. Source: 1 NEWS


Police say members of the public helped victim in Canterbury homicide as scene examination gets underway

Police have launched a homicide investigation involving 40 police investigators after a person died in Selwyn, Canterbury yesterday afternoon.

A Police spokesperson has confirmed to 1 NEWS this morning that a scene examination stretching 3km is underway in Charing Cross and enquiries are continuing.

Detective Inspector Corrie Parnell said in a press conference today that several members of the public had witnessed the incident and were part of the first response team. The witnesses are still being interviewed by police.

"I do thank those members of the public, as you can well imagine [it was] a traumatic event for them," Detective Inspector Parnell said.

Detective Inspector Corrie Parnell spoke to media in Christchurch Police Station today. Source: 1 NEWS

Detective Inspector Parnell also confirmed the man who died, 28, was found on the side of the road and a firearm was involved in the incident.

The incident is believed to be gang-linked and the suspect or suspects are still at large, but that they do not pose a risk to the public.

"We have a large team assisted by forensic specialists working on this investigation," Detective Inspector Parnell said.

"A number of forensic scene examinations are underway in Grange Road and Telegraph Road, which are expected to extend into next week."

Several cars have been seized and are currently under guard while enquiries continue.

"Members of the public can expect to see a high presence of police in the area over the coming week," he said.

"We acknowledge the public's concerns regarding this incident. We continue to follow positive lines of inquiry and are working towards holding those responsible accountable."

Emergency services were called to the scene on Grange Road about 3.30pm yesterday.

Police believe an altercation took place between two men. 

They say a number of people are assisting them.

Police are working alongside the man's family following the incident.

One person has died in the rural area of Selwyn this afternoon. Source: 1 NEWS


One person dead after fatal collision between car and bus near Queenstown

One person has died after a crash between a car and a bus near Queenstown this morning.

Police report the fatal accident happened on State Highway 6 near Devils Staircase, south of Queenstown this morning.

Police confirmed the person who died was in the car but there were no other injuries despite 15 people, including the driver, being on the bus.

A Police spokesperson has told 1 NEWS the person who died in the crash was the sole occupant of the car.

A statement from the bus company involved in the incident, Southern Discoveries, said they would work closely with Police.

"The driver of our bus as well as all 14 passengers on board are uninjured.

"We are currently taking all of the passengers back to their accommodation in Queenstown and providing them, as well as our staff, with any support they may require."

The bus was carrying a group of tourists. Police don’t have any details as to where they were headed at this stage.

Emergency services were alerted of the crash at 7:45am.

The Serious Crash Unit will be investigating and the road will be closed for some time.

One person died after an accident near Devils Staircase. Source: 1 NEWS

Man steals vehicle after being involved in high-speed Lower Hutt collision, crashes again, dies after fleeing scene

A man has died after trying to escape an initial high-speed crash in a stolen car which he then crashed in bush near Wellington.

Police car generic.
Police car generic. Source: 1 NEWS

Police were called to a crash in Lower Hutt last night after the man crashed into two other cars at around 8pm near the intersection of Cambridge Tce and Naenae Rd in Avalon.

The man managed to get out of his damaged car before attempting to stop other vehicles to steal them.

It is understood the man managed to stop a car and attempted to drag a child out before punching the woman driving and stealing the vehicle.

The man then took off up State Highway 2 on Remutaka Hill Rd, where he crashed into a barrier.

He then ditched the vehicle and headed into the bush off the side of the road where he was later found by police in a near-death state, Police said.

"A male driver in a car crashed into two other vehicles, the female passenger in his vehicle received minor injuries," Senior Sergeant Mark Scott said.

"As well as this, four people in one car received moderate injuries and one person in the third vehicle received minor injuries.

"When emergency services arrived at the scene the man had left the car and run into the bush. Police located him in a critical condition in the bush at around 9:25pm. CPR was performed but he was pronounced dead a short time later."

The man's death has been referred to the Coroner, with the serious crash unit investigating the series of events as well.