Hospitality staff to receive new guideline to tackle drug use in bars

Hospitality New Zealand has introduced a new guide on tackling drugs in bars, an unfortunate reality bar staff often face but a problem that can be intervened.

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The new guideline is set to help equip frontline staff with skills to ensure the safety of all staff and patrons Source: Breakfast

The new guideline is set to help equip front line staff to make sure everyone gets home safely, including all staff and patrons.

"We have a responsibility to keep everybody safe," Hospitality NZ President Matt Mclaughlin told TVNZ1's Breakfast. 

He says people are affected differently by drugs and alcohol and it's not always evident as to when someone is on drugs, however alcohol tends to make people slouchy whereas drugs usually show a hyper-active person that's full of energy.

Through the new guidelines staff are to be trained to respond confidently to these situations, people won't necessarily be open about consuming drugs when asked but Mr McLaughlin says "we need to monitor it".

The type of drugs being taken can depend on the type of demographic or status of a bar or nightclub.

In an upper class night club there may be indications of upper class drugs as opposed to student bars who are more likely to take marijuana, he says.

The biggest concern for bar staff is around intoxication and ensuring that they're safe.

The guidelines will help people enjoy their nights out as well as maintaining strong businesses.