Hitchhiking woman trying to get a ride to Napier ends up getting arrested when helpful motorist drops her at police station




A female hitchhiker ended up at an unexpected destination when she was dropped off at Gisborne Police Station asking for help, only to be promptly arrested for existing charges.


A Facebook post by the Eastern District Police today outlines the amazing set of circumstances leading up the woman's arrest.

The post begins: "A female was hitchhiking just out of Wairoa yesterday with the plan to go to Napier, when a kind passing motorist (a woman too) picked her up and drove on to Gisborne.

"At some point in the journey, the hitchhiker told the driver that she actually wanted to go to Napier, not Gisborne. So the driver thoughtfully dropped her at the Gisborne Police station to see if we could help her out."

At this point police were looking at giving the woman a bed for the night and a hot meal before sending her on to Napier on the bus in the morning, that is until they ran her details through the police database.

"After a few inquiries, it was discovered that the woman was wanted for burglary and unlawfully taking a motor vehicle.

"So she got her bed for the night, albeit not as salubrious as she probably was expecting," the Facebook post reads.

The woman is due to appear in the Gisborne District Court today instead of making her way to Napier as originally intended.

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