Helpful old parking meter in Christchurch's Cathedral Square issuing tourist tips rather than tickets

While not normally a welcome sight, one parking meter in Christchurch looks to change that, after being setup to issue tips, rather than tickets.

The old parking meter in the city's iconic Cathedral Square, will be giving out ideas for free adventures available in the CBD to passers-by.

All of the suggestions in the reformed meter have come from local residents and 1 NEWS discovered some of the surprising hints and tips.

"It tells me to see the garden next to Peacock Fountain," one man was given from the machine.

"Take a photo with the famous corgi sculptures," another pedestrian was given by the helpful meter.

The project is the latest initiative from the Christchurch Urban Regeneration Group Gap Filler, that has been successfully replacing empty city spaces post-quake.

Damian Doyle from Gap Filler told 1 NEWS: "It's just about making a small difference to people's everyday lives.

"Help bring some fun back into the city, get people hanging out, using spaces and enjoying themselves. Feeling better and engaging with the city again."

Their latest initiative certainly looks set to get locals and tourists, exploring the city in a unique new way.

It's the latest in the "gap filler" initiative that started after the 2011 earthquake. Source: 1 NEWS

Kiwi woman urgently needing cochlear implant not even on waiting list and feeling ignored

Car mad Danielle MacKay is in a race to save her hearing.

In March, 1 NEWS told how the 22-year-old would be completely deaf, if she didn't have a cochlear implant.

Now, with just weeks before her hearing deteriorates completely, she's learned that she isn't even on a waiting list for the surgery.

She says she is "depressed, angry and upset" by the news.

In the last few weeks she's struggled to communicate with her family and boyfriend Chris McGlory.

They love to go drag racing in his car at the weekends – but she's worried that soon she won't even be able to hear the roar of the engine.

She's already lost her job and had to give up her beloved surf-lifesaving.

"I want to be able to live my life, save money, travel the world, have nice things," she said.

A recent visit to her audiologist confirmed she has just two-and-a-half months left. If she loses her hearing completely, it's unlikely the surgery would be successful.

But when she contacted officials, she learned she is on a secondary review list – not the list for surgery. "Personally, I feel like they are not thinking I am important," she said.  "Why can't I go to the top of the list?"

Ms MacKay has tried fundraising for the $60,000-$90,000 needed to do the surgery privately, but fell well short of the target, setting up a Give a Little page.

Now almost 25,000 people have signed a petition calling on the Government to step in.

"I am so happy and grateful for people who are backing me up," she said.

Danielle Mackay loves the roar of an engine but in a matter of weeks she may no longer be able to hear. Source: 1 NEWS


State Highway 2 closed near Gisborne until next week after Waioeka Gorge land slip

State Highway 2 has been closed between Gisborne and the town of Opotiki after a large land slip in Waioeka Gorge has completely blocked the road.

The SH2 is expected to be closed until at least next week, the New Zealand Transport Agency said, after 1000 square metres of land slipped this afternoon.

The Transport Agency is asking motorists to please avoid the area.

Engineers will be on site Saturday morning to assess the situation and contractors are expected to be clearing the slip over the weekend if the weather allows.

People should use State Highway 35 as an alternative route.

The Opotiki District Council and Gisborne District Council have closed the old Motu Road so it is not available as a detour.

A road closure sign in front of a Police vehicle
A road closure sign in front of a Police vehicle. Source: 1 NEWS