Greens begin negotiations with Labour, bat away swipes from National for not talking to both sides

As the second day of formal negotiations begin, Greens and Labour are meeting this morning in which James Shaw hopes is a "productive negotiation". 

This morning Bill English said NZ First was using their vote "much more effectively" than the Greens. Source: 1 NEWS

The meeting will be taking place while NZ First and National meet.

Labour will be conducting their negotiations with NZ First from midday. 

The Green Party leader is hoping for a "really productive and constructive meeting". 

"I'm not worried, like I said on election night, there is a majority for change, we are focused on putting together the best government for the country."

"That's what we're working on."

This morning, Bill English took a swipe at the Greens on TVNZ1's Breakfast, saying NZ First were using their swing vote "much more effectively" by negotiating with both Labour and National, compared to the Green Party who were just talking to Labour. 

"There is a lot of speculation... but I'm not going to get into detail," Mr Shaw said.