Graphic warning: Confronting vision shows wreckage of car that slammed into Auckland building, killing two

Warning: Some people may find the vision upsetting

The scale of the impact is clear to see as the vehicle is removed from the scene in Pakuranga. Source: 1 NEWS

Two people were killed and a car has been left in a mangled wreck after crashing into an Auckland building early this morning.

A man and a woman were found dead inside the destroyed vehicle after it veered off Pakuranga Road and crashed near Udys Road/Johns Lane, in Pakuranga, at 4.30am.

Mark Brown says it “looked like a bomb had gone off”. Source: 1 NEWS

Bystanders standing on the pavement looked on as pieces of the dark Honda Accord were lifted onto a tow truck and driven away from the scene this afternoon.

Nearby, a power pole can be seen in the grass as a car grill lays next to a tree.

Speaking to media today, Senior Sergeant Jono Chappell said police are in the early stages of their investigation but "it's pretty evident speed was a contributing factor" in the crash.

Police say they want to hear from anyone who saw a dark-coloured Honda Accord near Pakuranga Rd around 4.30am.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Counties Manukau Serious Crash Unit on 09 261 1300.


Dame Valerie Adams announces second baby, plan for career finale at 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Dame Valerie Adams is pregnant with her second baby.

But the 34-year-old insists the news does not spell the end of her glittering athletics career.

Instead, New Zealand's Olympic queen says she's still on track for her grande finale - a fifth Olympic Games at Tokyo 2020.

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In her only television interview, a delighted Dame Valerie told 1 NEWS she and husband Gabriel Price are expecting their second child in April next year.

"My pooch is a bit out, a little bit now, and I didn't want people to think I was just eating pies and not doing any training," Dame Valerie told 1 NEWS.

"The time is right for us to announce and it is a celebration."

The couple's first baby, Kimoana, turned one this week. Her birth represented victory in her parents' emotional and expensive battle against fertility problems.

The NZ Olympic queen says she plans to be at the 2020 games following the birth of her second child. Source: 1 NEWS

But wanting to add to their family while Dame Valerie is also in the twilight of her shot put career - and her fertility - it's left the couple with a difficult choice to make.

"I don't want to come end of Tokyo, look back and have any regrets. That's what I didn't want to happen because realistically, my fertility situation isn't great and this was my only chance. My timeframe was limited and I knew that. I'm 34 now and basically I'm going to menopause by the time I'm 43," she said.

"The risk of completing our family and training for the Olympics... I don't want that. First and foremost for me was actually giving Kimoana a sibling and completing a family. For us this is it.

"I don't want to be one of those should've, would've, could've. I've got the opportunity now, I need to take it. It's the same with sport, if you've got the opportunity, take it."

Just six months after Kimoana's birth, Dame Valerie was back in the throwing circle where she won a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

This time, the double Olympic champion says she will have almost a year-and-a-half to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics.

"I think timing-wise it's all working out quite well for us," she said.

"It's more than what I got in Commonwealth Games, so, I'll take that. What I produced this year with a very short time that I had wasn't bad at all.

"It's possible to come out and have a pregnancy, have a baby and create your family but also go back to high-level sport, there's nothing that says you can't do that."

The Olympic legend is targeting the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 after announcing she’s pregnant. Source: 1 NEWS


Motocross rider injured after riding off 30-metre bank in North Island

Emergency services, including a helicopter, attended the scene after a motocross rider rode off a 30-metre bank in the North Island today.

The man was flown to Middlemore Hospital in a moderate condition after receiving suspected back injuries. Source: Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust

The man, who is in his 20s, was winched out of the remote location, in the village of Miranda, at 11.37am, Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust communications manager Lincoln Davies told 1 NEWS.

The motocross rider suffered suspected back injuries and was flown to Middlemore Hospital in a moderate condition.

Emergency services, including a rescue helicopter, were called to the scene after a motocross rider rode off a 30-metre bank in Miranda. Source: Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust


Submissions reopen for controversial Central Otago development plan

Submissions have reopened for a controversial Central Otago development plan for up to 900 homes.

The Central Otago District Council recently consulted on the proposal, which required land rezoning under the district plan to go ahead.

The development has been mooted for land near Cromwell, which can't be used for higher density residential subdivisions.

The council received 417 submissions on the proposal, with more than 400 of them opposing rezoning the land.

In her submission, Irene Margaret Wallace asked for the plan change to be declined.

"Cromwell is known as the fruit bowl of Central Otago," Ms Wallace said.

"Rezoning will remove a valuable food production zone."

The land is subject to rural residential rules and is located to the south of State Highway 6 near Cromwell.

The proposal to apply a new River Terrace Resource Area would open up the land to be developed.

Bruce Davidson called for the council to steer residential away from commercial areas.

"It would be medium-term commercial suicide if this plan change was allowed," Mr Davidson said.

"The potential for future and existing commercial operations including orchards, vineyards ... along with Highlands and the Speedway would be seriously put at risk as they come under pressure from residential landowners."

The Ministry of Education also made a submission on the proposal, as a school has been mooted as part of the development.

In its submission, the Ministry said it did not support or oppose the plans, but it didn't believe the additional students predicted would justify a new state school.

"Students from the proposed development would need to travel to the existing schools," it said.

It did not rule out the expansion of Cromwell College to meet future demand.

River Terrace Developments supported the proposal, with a few tweaks to noise insulation standards used.

Further submissions will be accepted until the November 29. - Tess Brunton

Cromwell was known as the fruit bowl of Central Otago, submitter Irene Margaret Wallace pointed out.
Cromwell was known as the fruit bowl of Central Otago, submitter Irene Margaret Wallace pointed out. Source:


One person dead after a collision between car and bus near Queenstown

One person has died after a crash between a car and a bus near Queenstown this morning.

Acting sergeant Terry Wood says the car was driving on the wrong side of the road.

“From the scene it appears that the vehicle crossed the centre line and collided head on with the bus.”

The fatal accident happened on State Highway 6 near Devils Staircase, south of Queenstown.

Police confirmed the person who died was in the car but there were no other injuries despite 15 people, including the driver, being on the bus.

A police spokesperson has told 1 NEWS the person who died in the crash was the sole occupant of the car.

A statement from the bus company involved in the incident, Southern Discoveries, said they would work closely with Police.

"The driver of our bus as well as all 14 passengers on board are uninjured.

"We are currently taking all of the passengers back to their accommodation in Queenstown and providing them, as well as our staff, with any support they may require."

The bus was carrying a group of tourists. Police don’t have any details as to where they were headed at this stage.

Emergency services were alerted of the crash at 7:45am.

The Serious Crash Unit will be investigating and the road will be closed for some time.

No identification of the driver has been made.

One person died after an accident near Devils Staircase. Source: 1 NEWS