Government's education reform plan labelled 'fresh approach and hard work' by educational expert

An education expert has labelled the government's major education reforms as a "fresh approach" and says children's learning will be "much more personalised".

NZER's Cathy Wylie spoke about the government's education plan will address "longstanding issues". Source: Breakfast

Education Minister Chris Hipkins announced yesterday that the biggest education reform in three decades is set to take place. 

Early childhood education right through to tertiary educatioon will be reviewed under a massive three-year plan announced by the government.

"This approach seems fresh, it also seems that the people involved will have to work quite hard," Cathy Wylie, chief researcher at NZER, told TVNZ1's Breakfast today.

"It's a good approach to something which is that's had some long standing issues," says Ms Wylie. 

She says children's learning will be much more personalised.

"It's involving kids in their learning more and being more aware of what they're trying to learn... rather then the teacher saying this is what every child has to learn it's much more personalised."