Government waives fees to change registered sex on birth certificates

The Government has announced it will waives fees to change a person's registered sex on their birth certificate.

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NZ First MP Tracey Martin says the move to self-identification was proposed without proper public consultation.

In a statement, Internal Affairs Minister Tracey Martin says the changes will go into affect from today.

Applicants will no longer be charged fees by the Department of Internal Affairs:

• To deposit a Family Court Declaration as to sex.

• For issuing an updated birth certificate; or

• For a courier within New Zealand.

"From today, the Registrar General will waive the fees associated with applying to change the registered sex on a birth certificate," Ms Martin says.

"Waiving fees for changing registered sex reduces the financial burden facing transgender New Zealanders by up to $95 for a person needing all three services and helps improve what can be a challenging process."

The news comes as a parliamentary committee had proposed changing the law, so those seeking to change gender, could do so without having to provide a family court declaration and medical evidence.

According to the Government: "The group will include representatives of the transgender and intersex community as well as medical and legal experts with experience in transgender issues."

The committee will have meetings from now until December and produce recommendations.