Government undertakes largest consular response ever, to bring stranded Kiwis home

Trying to rescue Kiwis stranded overseas is the largest consular response the Government has ever undertaken.

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Many of the 80,000 New Zealanders abroad are desperately calling out for help, fuelling the largest consular response the Government has ever undertaken. Source: 1 NEWS

Some 80,000 New Zealanders travelling abroad are being asked to return home, which is no easy task with many borders sealed shut.

In Peru, armed police stand guard on empty streets that are normally teeming with tourists.

New Zealander’s Naomi and Nick Tennent are currently living in a tiny hostel in Peru in self solation.

Their situation is now vastly different from just a few weeks ago when they were happily celebrating their engagement.

With Peru in lock down, their connecting flights have been cancelled and their supplies are running dry.

There are tens of thousands of Kiwis overseas with the Government now looking at possible mercy flights to bring some of them home.

“What I’d say to a lot of New Zealanders that are saying look we don’t want those 80,000 back – put yourself in their shoes, they’re New Zealanders, they’re fellow countrymen and women.” Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters said.

The ministry for foreign affairs says another 3000 people registered on its Safe Travel app overnight and insurance companies overwhelmed with the number of requests.

Expats Kim and Jamie Nutbrown are based in America where their city is also locked down.

“Because it's a constantly evolving situation, we don't know what our options will be if we do decide to come home and that is something that's a little bit scarier,” they told 1 NEWS.

From today the Government has told Kiwis to no longer travel and closed its borders to non-permanent residents or citizens attempting to travel to New Zealand.