Good Sorts: New Plymouth woman who visits three family members living in rest home hospital daily

Tonight's Good Sort is Faye Lines from New Plymouth. She was nominated by her sister in law, who told us about Faye's commitment to her family who've been dealt a major genetic misfortune.

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Faye Lines was nominated by her sister in law, who wrote to tell us about her commitment to her family. Source: 1 NEWS

Three of her family members, her husband and two children have a condition called Spinocerebellar ataxia, or SCA2.

Every morning, Faye finishes her chores, then prepares to visit her family – husband Graham, and son and daughter Craig and Katrina.

The three permanently live in the hospital side of the rest home. Graham was admitted last July but the pair enjoy the company of their children who both share a wing of the rest home.

Faye says SCA2 has been inadvertently passed down through the lines family for decades.

“It would be 50 percent of the family, it’s a big percentage,” she said.

The good news for the rest of the family, is that genetic testing for the gene is now available.

“If you’ve got the gene well you’ve got an option now of IVF,” she said.