Good Sorts: The immunocompromised woman spending all her time sewing masks for frontline workers

For the past six months, Fran Hendrickson has sat and sung while sewing to her heart's content. 

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Fran Hendrickson has been stuck at home for months, but she hasn't wasted any time. Source: 1 NEWS


She's always made her own clothes, from when she was an angsty teenage goth to her current look of bright, vibrant pops of colour. 

While Hendrickson would love to leave the house, she can't after historically having spine problems which produced even more complications for her. 

"I'm pretty hideously immunocompromised. So any time anyone gets sick, I get, like, proper sick." 

Stuck inside her home, Hendrickson started making masks to fill in her time. 

After finding an elastics supplier, she didn't stop once she had made enough for all her family and friends. 

"We should all be trying to help people. This is something I can do without having to leave my house. 

"I did 147 in one day... but that was horrific." 

She sold some of the masks to help pay for materals, but most of them were given away. 

Hendrickson's now around 700 masks down, with most of those going to health workers on the front line.