Good Sorts: The Hamilton vet nurse who's recovering dead or lost cats

Tonight's Good Sort is Hamilton woman Bianhka Wolzak, who trained as a vet nurse but hasn't been able to find a job.

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Bianhka Wolzak cares for animals in a way very few others would. Source: 1 NEWS

That hasn't stopped her caring for animals in a way very few others would.

Wolzak picks up animals who are killed in traffic.

“Yeah, I’m always scanning wherever I’m driving,” she said.

She's well kitted out.

“I have got towels to pick them up with, high viz vest, microchip scanner, I can ring the New Zealand Companion Animal register,” she said.

Wolzak also has leather gloves for cats in hard to find places and a cage for those alive but lost.

“I want to include not just the deceased ones but the sick ones I’ve rescued as well,” she said.

It’s a job no one else wants to do.

“Just seeing a cat that’s passed away, whether it’s visible injuries or not, is really sad,” Wolzak said.

“I’ll never be used to it.”

Wolzak has picked up close to 100 cats in the last year, many of them strays.

“If I think it's a stray cat I wonder what sort of life it's had."

“I also think if it is microchipped about breaking the news to the family, so the owners can have closure and grieve.”

For the cats she can’t place, she puts up a poster, then takes the animal to a local vet where the likes of Jamie will hold it for two weeks.

“She’s out there saving the ones that often don’t have anyone there for them. She’s got a big heart,” Jamie explained.