Good Sorts: Blenheim woman with a passion for birds saves busted, broken falcons

Diana Dobson is known for nursing native, endangered New Zealand falcons back to health.

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Haydn Jones travelled south to meet this week’s Good Sort, Diana Dobson. Source: 1 NEWS

They arrive at the Marlborough Falcon Trust's rehab centre busted and broken, but emerge fixed and free thanks to her.

"I love the rehab, rehab is my thing," she said.

"She's just a nice person with a passion for birds," volunteer Les remarked to 1 NEWS.

"Pretty special lady, really," Graham said.

Falcons are the only remaining bird of prey in the country and the centre is the permanent home for three of them — Fern, Scout and Sparky. 

Fern does school trips, but also gets to come home with Dobson, who also has a kererū convalescing on her porch and rare, black-billed gulls in the raspberry cage.

You can learn more about Dobson's work with birds in the video above.