Gayford spent more time on Neve's cake than wedding plans - Ardern

Clarke Gayford spent more time making their daughter's third birthday cake than he has on their wedding plans, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says. 

Ardern earlier revealed on social media she had left it up to fiancé Gayford to make Neve's birthday cake this time around.

However, Neve had a few requests for her dad. There was Moana first, and then Frozen and after that, Mickey Mouse.

So Gayford got creative to fulfil all of Neve's requests, creating a TV-shaped cake which he played trailers for Moana, Frozen and Mickey Mouse onto using an overhead projector.

"If it makes anyone feel better, it literally took hours, and he has spent more time on a third birthday cake than he has planning our wedding," Ardern told Breakfast this morning. 

"It is actually true and zero exaggeration."

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Ardern talked Breakfast through the spectacular cake Gayford put together for Neve’s third birthday. Source: Breakfast

Neve with her third birthday cake. Source: Clarke Gayford/Twitter

The couple got engaged in 2019 and announced in May their wedding will be this summer. 

Ardern described Gayford’s trick as a "genius solution to a child who can't make up their mind".

She told Breakfast the projector was "discreetly" hiding at the top of the dining room wall to create the effects. 

Gayford described his stroke of genius as "trickery", but warned fellow parents on Twitter fondant was the "devil's icing".

Ardern said Neve's cake was so good, Gayford is on cake-making duties again next year.

"Well played Clarke, well played," she said. "As a reward, you’re doing next year now too."

Ardern said on Breakfast it may just be a "simply piped princess cake" after three years of mammoth efforts.