'I found out I'd won $300,000' - lucky Napier lotto ticket found in truck two months after draw

A Napier man's Lotto ticket that had been "tucked away in the centre compartment" of his truck for two months has finally been scanned and its owner is now $300,000 richer. 

The ticket was brought by the truck driver for the September 20 Lotto draw, according to NZME, at the Taradale Four Square.

"Every now and then I do a big clean-out of my truck and this time I found a few Lotto tickets tucked away in the centre compartment," the winner explained.

"I was checking the bunch of old tickets at the self-scanner and saw one of the messages showed 'Congratulations First Division win'.

"The funny thing is that I must have been in doubt because I just carried on checking the rest of them. Then I checked it again, and I must have checked it four more times before I finally went to the counter.

"I handed over a couple of small-win tickets first and then said to the retailer 'This one says it's a first division win – is that a good thing?'

"When I found out I'd won $300,000, I was in shock. It still hasn't sunk in. Although I can say it's been great timing and this win has provided real peace of mind."

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Source: 1 NEWS