Five Far North boys to compete at prestigious rugby festival in South Africa

Five boys from the Far North are on their way to South Africa to compete at one of the most prestigious school rugby festivals in the world. 

The Awanui boys are Northland reps and in the Blues junior development team but their school didn't make the cut for the World Rugby School Festival in Cape Town. 

Parent, Kristie Hilton Jones took matters into her own hands, emailing the organisers to see if she could get the boys involved.  

"These boys are are trying to make it from up here without moving away so you just have to create opportunities if they're not there," Ms Jones told 1 NEWS.

The organisers listened and sent a representative to check them out. 

Now, the boys will be part of a Barbarian side that will play two games against South African teams as well as receiving world class coaching from former Spring Bok coaches.

"Were gonna make sure that we get ourselves, get our names out there and get big. That's the goal," one of the lucky boys making the trip Oli Hilton Jones says. 

One determined mum made it happen after their school didn't make the cut. Source: 1 NEWS

Most watched video: Playful dolphins give Matarangi Beach swimmers a 'once in a lifetime experience' thrill

Beachgoers at the Coromandel Peninsula's Matarangi Beach had a "once in a lifetime" experience today when a pod of playful dolphins came near the shore to frolic in the waves.

Auckland's Melissa Macpherson was visiting her bach at Matarangi Beach with the family for the long Easter weekend, when the magical experience took place around 1pm today.

"There were about six to eight of them weaving in and out of swimmers for about 30 to 40 minutes.

"It was a once in a lifetime experience," Ms Macpherson told 1 NEWS.

While the Auckland resident says she has seen dolphins in the area before, they have never ventured close to shore.

"They surfed some waves and swam between the crowds. Very very friendly, curious creatures. What an experience to be had!"


Good Sorts: Meet the Wellington woman giving up her time to help keep young parents in school

This week's Good Sort is Wellington woman Brenda Strauchon who runs the office at the Hutt Valley Teen Parent Unit.

The unit does a great job at keeping young mums in school.

However, they weren't really set up to help young fathers so Brenda decided to do something rather special, as you can watch in the video above.

Brenda Strauchon runs the Hutt Valley Teen Parent Unit. Source: 1 NEWS