Finance Minister shows off front cover of Budget 2021 before Thursday's release

Finance Minister Grant Robertson today revealed the front cover of this year's Budget. 

Finance Minister Grant Robertson showing the Budget 2021 cover. Source: 1 NEWS

Budget 2021 is set to be released on Thursday at 2pm, showing where the Government will prioritise spending over the next year. 

"The Budget this year is called the Wellbeing Budget 2021, during our recovery, for us that's the focus this year and much of the year," Robertson said. 

"The image has been chosen because New Zealand is here, out in the world, making sure we're reconnecting and securing that recovery for all New Zealanders."

On if he took the photo - an aerial view of New Zealand from space - Robertson joked that he had not been in space, "so no, this one isn't mine".

He said the Budget would be about the recovery, looking long term, as well as ensuring "we keep that lid on debt". 

Budget 2021 will be released at 2pm on Thursday, May 20. Watch TVNZ1 for the Q+A Budget special and follow for the latest news.

Budget 2021: The significance, the pressure and the expectations

Budget 2021’s objectives, set out in the Budget Policy Statement:

- Supporting the transition to a climate-resilient, sustainable and low-emissions economy while building back from Covid-19

- Enabling all New Zealanders and New Zealand businesses to benefit from new technologies and lift productivity and wages through innovation, and support into employment those most affected by Covid-19, including women and young people

- Lifting Māori and Pacific incomes, skills and opportunities, and combating the impacts of Covid-19

- Child Wellbeing – Reducing child poverty and improving child wellbeing

- Physical and mental wellbeing – Supporting improved health outcomes for all New Zealanders and keeping Covid-19 out of our communities.

Pre-Budget announcements:

- $118.6 million for improved cervical and breast cancer screening 

- $170 million pay boost over four years for early childhood teachers 

- $67.4 million over four years to de-carbonise the public sector by 2025