Final day of voting underway in New Zealand's 2020 election

Today is the last day eligible voters can cast their ballots in the New Zealand 2020 election.

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Unlike during the advance voting period, the Electoral Commission's black-out laws are in place today.

All parties need to have removed their hoardings, no political advertising is allowed and people can't post or share content online that's likely or intended to influence someone's vote.

Voting closes at 7pm tonight, when the poll results will start being released. A map of general election voting places in your area is available on

People can still enrol to vote today, even if they weren't previously registered.

The Electoral Commission estimates around 2 million votes were cast during the advance voting period, setting a record for New Zealand. Last election saw 1.24 million votes cast in the entire advance voting period.

Under New Zealand law, you can only vote once. If you cast an advance ballot, that cannot be changed and you cannot vote again on election day.


The advance votes are counted from 9am today, but won't be released until after 7pm.

Ballots cast on the day will be counted from after 7pm and results released by the Electoral Commission as they come in.

Only the party and electorate votes are being counted today, not the referendum ballots. Instead, the preliminary referendum results will be released by the Electoral Commission on Friday, October 30.

1 NEWS will be live from 7pm with the latest results as they come to hand, airing on TVNZ1 and online at, as well as the 1 NEWS Facebook, YouTube and Twitter pages on social media.

These streams will be available to view worldwide, starting at 5pm Sydney time, 2pm Beijing, 11.30am New Delhi, 7am London and 2am New York.

Tonight's results will be the preliminary results, before the final vote count and official election result is released on Friday, November 6.

Join the conversation from 7pm with the hashtag #YourVote2020 on social media.