Employers encouraged to be generous with sick leave this winter as NZ remains on edge over Covid-19

Employers are being told to remain flexible when it comes to sick leave over winter, with the Government urging people with even just a sniffle to stay home.

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With the official advice being to stay home with even just a sniffle, Kiwis are expected to burn through their sick leave this year. Source: Breakfast

New Zealanders are expected to burn through their sick leave this year for that very reason, though workers are legally entitled to only five sick days a year.

To combat not having enough sick leave, unions are encouraging workplaces to allow for more this winter. 

Richard Wagstaff of Council Trade Unions says it would be a good investment.

“If you risk people coming back to work and spreading something like Covid around the workplace, the consequences financially will be much, much tougher than giving someone more generous sick leave allowance,” he says.

Figures show one in three Kiwis turn up to work for the day, despite feeling unwell.