Dunedin teen in viral video urging truck driver to run over cyclist apologises

The teenager involved in a now-viral video who was heard telling a truck driver to run over a cyclist in Dunedin has apologised.

In the clip, the teenager, sitting in the passenger seat of a truck, can be heard urging the driver to run over a cyclist while swearing and hurling abuse at them after being unable to pass them along Portobello Road, Newshub reports.

"Run him over, Greg, mate - do it. Out of the way, you f****** cabbage!" the 16-year-old Clearwater Civil Ltd employee can be heard saying.

Newshub has since received a letter sent by the teenager's mother, who said her son was remorseful for his actions.

"He now realises that he foolishly underestimated how seriously his comments would be taken and deeply regrets both the offence that they caused and the harm that they have created," she said. 

In the letter, the teenager wrote, "It was a dumb decision to post the video to social media and I am very sorry for any offence I've caused to the public and the affect my actions have had on my employer, my colleagues and the rest of the trucking community."

A Clearwater Civil spokesperson said they were satisfied that he "is very regretful of his actions".