Drifting championship to be New Zealand's first indoor motorsport event

Cars will be tearing it up indoors at the Valvoline D1NZ National Drifting Championship in Auckland this weekend.

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It’s billed as NZ’s first indoor motorsport event. Source: Seven Sharp

Held at the ASB Showgrounds, it’s billed as NZ’s first indoor motorsport event.

The hi-tech event is set to feature 200 lights, with flames and smoke effects lighting up a custom course throughout the three halls inside ASB Showgrounds.

According to the events official website: "Drivers will drift through, under, and around obstacles not seen in a D1NZ event setup before."

An extra warning has also been posted to the petrolheads in attendance.

"This event will be LOUD and have smoke fumes in a confined space over the three halls. Fans will have the option of two viewing areas in each hall, including a bar with live TVs to escape the noise."

Adding to the noise will be a live DJ after the event for attendees to enjoy.

However, getting a ticket will be first come, first serve, with live attendance limited to 500.

The Saturday event will be broadcast live on SKY Sports for those that are interested and can't get a ticket.

Seven Sharp's resident motorsport fan Michael Holland went to check out preparations for the event in the video above.