'Don't lose hope' - Kiwis reminded why lockdown is so important in fight against coronavirus

As millions of Kiwis experience their first day in lockdown in an effort to lessen the impact of coronavirus, microbiologist Dr Siouxsie Wiles has reminded New Zealand why the action being taken now is so important.

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On TVNZ1's Breakfast the microbiologist implored New Zealanders to not lose hope. Source: Breakfast

On Monday, New Zealand's Covid-19 alert level was raised to level three, before it would be raised to level four 48 hours later. As of 11.59pm last night, the entire country entered into a four-week lockdown period with only essential services and businesses able to continue running.

Appearing on TVNZ1’s Breakfast this morning, Dr Wiles has reminded Kiwis just how important the lockdown period is. She implored people to not lose hope, despite the fact that the number of coronavirus cases will rise before things get better.

“What we’re doing now is going to impact us so magnificently in about two to three weeks time,” said Dr Wiles.

“So don’t lose hope when you see the numbers rising over the next few weeks. That’s exactly what we’re expecting because we’re seeing what happened two weeks ago.”

She said Kiwis must look to the future, and reminded everyone to not leave their bubble.

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Who can and can’t you come into contact with during the coronavirus shutdown. Source: Seven Sharp

“We must focus on what’s going to happen in four weeks' time, when everything that we’re doing today has an affect.

“Please don’t lose hope but don’t leave your bubble because if your bubble is one that’s got the virus we do not want it going to anybody else’s bubble.”

With death tolls rising around the world due to Covid-19, and about a quarter of the world’s population under lockdown, Dr Wiles emphasised how lucky New Zealand is to be in the position it is in.

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Dr Siouxsie Wiles appeared on TVNZ1's Breakfast on the first day of NZ's lockdown. Source: Breakfast

“You just need to look at what’s happening overseas to see if we don’t do something now, and we’re absolutely doing something now, that’s what’s in our future.

“We are in such an incredible position that many other countries are not. It's up to all of us to do this... Please stay safe and stay at home.”