Dashcam video shows Jucy campervan's near miss while overtaking truck on blind corner

Police are looking into a dangerous driving incident which saw a Jucy campervan have a near miss with a car travelling in the opposite direction while overtaking a truck on a busy main highway.

The dashcam video shared to Facebook on January 14 shows the campervan overtaking the truck on a blind corner on State Highway 4 at Taumarunui, only just missing an oncoming vehicle.

Jaz Smith shared the video and saw the near miss.

In the Facebook post Ms Smith said the pass was on a short straight that went into a bend, and there was “no way they could see what was coming around the corner”.

“They’re so lucky that the Halls truck slowed down and went over to the side,” Ms Smith’s post read.

She said the campervan would have had a head on crash if the oncoming car hadn’t “moved over for the idiot”.

Jucy Chief Executive Tom Ruddenklau said he was disappointed by the video.

"We take customers through a drive safe programme, and pay special attention particularly to those who come from a country where they drive on the other side of the road."

Mr Ruddenklau said they've not yet returned the vehicle and are still on holiday, but he's passed on the details of the tourists to police.

A police spokesperson said they are looking into the incident. 

"In regard to this video, a report of this was made to Police after the fact, and we would look to follow up however we are able to," the spokesperson said. 

In a comment on Ms Smith's Facebook post the company which owns the campervan, Jucy, thanked her for bringing the incident to their attention.  

"Our roadside assistance team have been in contact with our customer. If you ever see any dangerous driving like this, please call the police on *555."