Cyclone Gita remnants expected to track towards NZ next week

After battering Tonga, the remnants of Cyclone Gita is expected to hit New Zealand next week, but it is not yet known how much damage it could cause.

The latest tracking information from Weatherwatch shows Gita reaching the western side of the North Island by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Many residents in the Pacific nation documented the extreme weather event. Source: 1 NEWS

It would no longer be a tropical cyclone when it arrived but may still bring strong winds, capable of possibly causing power cuts and damage, the forecaster said.

However, the storm was still too far from New Zealand to more accurately predict its impact on the country.

Pacific correspondent Barbara Dreaver reports the relief effort after Cyclone Gita. Source: 1 NEWS

Meanwhile, the New Zealand Defence Force has delivered a second round of supplies to Tonga, after Gita caused widespread destruction when it hit the island nation on Monday.

The relief supplies include 200 agriculture toolkits, 500 family hygiene kits, 1050 10-litre collapsible water containers, 1010 tarpaulins, 10 petrol generators, 10 diesel generators and 20 chainsaw packs.

"We hope that these supplies will help address the basic needs for power, water and sanitation for those affected by the cyclone. There is also equipment to clear fallen trees," Air Commodore Kevin McEvoy said.

"We continue to work with MFAT and stand ready to provide further assistance as required."