Coronavirus lockdown: Auckland Harbour Bridge eerily quiet as Kiwis ordered to stay home

The first signs of the scale of the national lockdown are being seen this morning with Auckland's Harbour Bridge almost empty at what is typically rush-hour traffic time.

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The Auckland Harbour Bridge usually sees about 170,000 vehicles each day, but today there was a trickle of “essential” workers. Source: Breakfast

New Zealand's four-week lockdown period began overnight as an effort to get the global coronavirus pandemic under control in the country, seeing all Kiwis told to stay home and work from there unless they are an "essential service".

It means most streets and motorways around the country are almost empty this morning with everyone - bar those performing essential work - off the road.

A picture-perfect summary of that can be seen on Auckland's Harbour Bridge, which normally sees over 170,000 cars on any given day but this morning was lucky to see a few hundred.

During the lockdown period, Kiwis are still allowed to be on the road but the only real excuse for traveling now is to the supermarket, a pharmacy or medical centre, or if you're involved in essential services.

Public transport will still run for the next four weeks but with restrictions. They are for those needing medical attention, or going to the supermarket as well as those involved in essential services.