Christchurch man to attempt 5000km solo row across Atlantic Ocean

A Christchurch man is on track to becoming the first Kiwi to row across the Atlantic ocean solo.

In two weeks, Isaac Giesen will embark on the Talisker Atlantic challenge, a 5000km race which only a handful of people have completed by themselves.

Adding to his accolades, it'll also be the first time a New Zelander has done the row twice in one year. His first crossing was completed with a team of four.

Despite the challenges of the race, the only goal worth having is a lofty one.

Mr Giesen also wants to raise $1 million dollars for mental health support through his website, The Blue Rower.

"I lost my aunty and two mates to suicide when I was 12 and 19, so it kind of shook me up a wee bit and I found going on the ocean and doing this - the ocean is the reason why I'm still here," he said.

You can donate to Mr Giesen's efforts here.

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Isaac Giesen will be going on a 5000km journey as part of the toughest rowing race in the world. Source: 1 NEWS