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Seven Sharp decided to send Tim Wilson along for a lesson. Source: Seven Sharp

Should schoolgirls be allowed to ditch their dresses in favour of pants?

There's trouble brewing over school dress codes

There's trouble brewing over school dress codes. Source: Fair Go


Watch: South Island flooding through the eyes of Kiwis who filmed the wild weather

Of the thousands of people that were affected by the Canterbury floods, there were a few that stopped, got out their cameras or phones and filmed the disaster from their perspective.

Collected here are a couple of videos from people with different day jobs, explaining why they took the time to record the floods though their eyes, and the emotions it evoked for them.

One of those people was Damien from Oamaru.

"I had a week off work from my normal day job as a roading contractor so I decided to put my drone in the air and share it with the wider community and show them why the closures are quite often put in place, because it's something they don't normally get to see," Damien said.

"Seeing the town in that state was quite an eye opener, it was just unbelievable to that sort of flooding and devastation happen so quickly."

People from different day jobs took the time to let us see the floods through their eyes. Source: Seven Sharp