Cheeky ad promotes drink with new billboard making fun of Lime scooters

A tongue-in-cheek billboard has popped up in central Auckland after e-scooter company Lime was temporarily pulled from Auckland and Dunedin streets yesterday over brake fault concerns.

The advertisement promoting Smirnoff's lime-flavoured alcoholic beverage, located on Nelson Street in the Auckland CBD, reads, "Lime with no 'technical issues'".

It comes after the San Francisco-based e-scooter company received 155 reports of the electric scooters' wheels locking, causing riders to be thrown off the vehicle and causing serious injuries.

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It comes after concerns over braking issues. Source: 1 NEWS

Lime have until Monday to produce a report assuring their equipment is safe before Auckland Council makes their final decision on whether the scooters can operate in the city.

Source: 1 NEWS