Blend of work from home and office work predicted as 'next normal' - research

Life through the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to see a blend of working from home and people continuing to head into office spaces and workplaces, according to research from human resources and recruitment agency Randstad.

Office workers (file picture). Source:

Country director Katherine Swan says Aucklanders returning from the Level 3 lockdown will need a "disciplined" return to the workplace.

According to new research published by the company today, 36 per cent of employees are expecting significant changes in their workforce.

"Employee wellbeing is going to be key as we manage our economic recovery, which is why we are encouraging employers to be innovative with how they bring their teams back to the office," Ms Swan says.

"In the short term, we need to live with this virus in our communities, we need to adopt appropriate health and safety measures and evolve the way we work, which is why we believe a hybrid workplace will be our next normal."

That "hybrid workplace" could mean employees are offered a mix of flexible working options, including working from home and coming into the workplace.

"An innovative approach is a sensible one. It means we do not have to have an economic meltdown every time we go into lockdown because we are prepared to transition our workplaces without causing disruption to productivity."

Ms Swan says it's encouraging to see 85 per cent of employers are focused on boosting employee performance and productivity.

"It is heartening that employers are fighting so hard to protect their employees," she says.

"It is vitally important for employers to provide transparent communications and, if possible, assurances about job security to avoid losing their best people to the competition."