Bad news for butter-lovers as prices rise to highest level, forcing food prices up




It's bad news for lovers of baking, butter prices have risen to their highest level, with the cheapest 500g block rising $2.07 in just a year. 

The cheapest 500g block was $3.32 12 months ago, now it's $5.39.

Source: 1 NEWS

Statistics NZ released details today on New Zealand's 3 per cent rise in food prices in the year to September 2017, following a 2.3 per cent rise in the year to August 2017. 

Consumers price index manager Matthew Haigh said prices for dairy products were all higher, with Kiwis spending about 10 per cent of their food shop on dairy items. 

The cheapest 500g block of butter increased to $5.55 in September 2017, from $3.48 in September 2016. 

Vegetable prices also rose, with a 6.5 increase in the year to September with wet weather a main contributor. 

However the monthly food price saw a drop of 0.2 per cent in September, with vegetables down 7.4 per cent, but after seasonal adjustment vegetables actually rose 0.3 per cent. 

"The prices for items found in salads typically begin to fall in September months as warmer weather arrives – although the falls for September 2017 have not been as large as in previous years," Mr Haigh said. 

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