Auckland daycare centre fined $172k after falling tree left four children injured

Worksafe says it's pure luck no one was killed when a giant tree toppled down at a central Auckland daycare centre, injuring four children and a teacher.

The fallen tree at Discoveries Educare Centre in November 2016. Source:

The tree fell over at Discoveries Educare Centre in the suburb of Epsom in November 2016.

The daycare centre was prosecuted after an investigation found the tree had been dead for more than a year.

Discoveries Educare Centre was fined $172,000 and ordered to pay $46,000 in reparation at the Auckland District Court today.

Worksafe spokesperson Danielle Henry said it was a potentially-catastrophic event that put children and staff at risk.

"We were really lucky nobody was killed, workplaces have a duty to protect their workers and in this instance we also have vulnerable children exposed."

Heng Tong Investment, which leased the property to Discoveries Educare, was also fined over the incident.