Auckland CBD's well-known Food Alley to shut its doors after 28 years

It's the end of an era - Auckland CBD's iconic Food Alley is shutting down in May.

Food Alley has been operating since 1992. Source: Google Maps

The Albert Street food court has been around for decades, first started in 1992, offering a variety of "true authentic Asian food".

Tonight Food Alley confirmed its closure on Facebook with a photo of a box of tissues, saying their final goodbye will be on Friday, May 1.

"We would LOVE for you all to gather up your friends, families and lunch buddies to give this old girl, and the AMAZING people who work here, a great send off," the page says.

The site where the food court is located will be making room for a new building.

"So over the next 3 months let’s CELEBRATE what has been an extraordinary run for a place ...back in 1992...was the new kid on the block, with a CRAZY idea of dedicating itself to introducing Auckland to ...‘Real Asia Flavour'".

Food Alley says it's not relocating to another space - all its individual kitchen owners will be opening their own standalone ventures around Auckland.