Annoyed by chlorinated water decision, Hastings couple drills well in front yard

A man in a small Hastings suburb has come up with a unique way to get around his local council's decision to chlorinate the water.

That roll-out began over a year ago - despite many in Whakatu being against it.

It certainly left a funny taste in Stu Wilson's mouth, but instead of moaning about it he set out to find a solution.

Mr Wilson applied for, and was granted, resource consent to bore deep underground in search of his own water supply.

"We've drilled to a depth of about 30 metres, 31.6 to be exact, and we have gone through various layers like clays gravels," he said. 

When asked why he went to all the effort, Mr Wilson said: "I'm doing it to give people fresh water and maybe a little bit of a middle finger to the Hawke's Bay District Council."

Mr Wilson estimates the final cost of the project to be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

However, once completed he says members of the community will be able to come and fill up on fresh water from his well for free.

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The Wilsons want to "give people fresh water...and maybe a little bit of a middle finger to the Hawke’s Bay District Council". Source: Seven Sharp