Andy Foster speaks about his first move as Wellington's new mayor

New mayor of Wellington Andy foster say he has big plans to fix Wellington’s transport problems.

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Andy Foster won the title after being backed by the Hollywood heavyweight. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Foster had spoken about changing the 'Let’s get Wellington Moving' plan during his election campaign.

Some of the conversations around changing the plan have already started, Mr Foster said, and there are plans to meet with regional mayors to discuss it.

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The capital’s new mayor is already having conversations with regional mayors on changing Wellington’s transport proposal. Source: 1 NEWS

"I know they're not particularly keen on the proposal and the way it is at the moment," Mr Foster said.

"We'll put together a package of concerns and take that to Government and say 'can we have a bit of a re-think here'."

Mr Foster is looking forward to working with the new Wellington Councillors, who he plans to meet with tomorrow to discuss their aspirations for the city.

Wellington now has 11 female councillors.

"I'm not sure any council in New Zealand - or anywhere - has ever had that high proportion of women," Mr Foster said.

"It shows Wellington's progressiveness."

Mr Foster said the low voting turnout shows council needs to get more people engaged in the voting process.

"You can't just turn it on and off, you can't just say to people 'don't be interested in local government for two and a half years and suddenly, go, we want you to be involved with it'," he said.

"We have to get people involved the whole three years."

The new mayor thanked all of those who supported him.

"I'm here to work for all Wellingtonians - we're a wonderful city that's very diverse.

"I want to make a wonderful city like this even better."