American dad who lost son in mass shooting campaigns to deprive killers of their names

Barely more than a week on, and many of us are still trying to understand the motives for the Christchurch killings.

As difficult as it is to believe, experts say one reason is fame.

The desire to be famous. To have notoriety. To be on TV.

Tom Teves lost his son Alex in a mass-shooting seven years ago, now he's started a group called No Notoriety.

"He sought many things from his act of terror, but one was notoriety. And that is why you will never hear me mention his name," said our Prime Minister after the shootings.

Jacinda Ardern's vow is Tom Teve's challenge.

Seven years ago, his son Alex was murdered by a cowardly mass shooter.

Alex was one of twelve killed, but seventy were wounded.

The shootings stunned the US, happening at that most American of places, the movies.

To make sense of the tragedy, Mr Teves started the No Notoriety campaign.

It means he and our PM are united by blurred images of the Christchurch killer.

"He is a terrorist. He is a criminal. He is an extremist. But he will, when I speak, be nameless," was Jacinda Ardern's vow. 

Mr Teves talked to Seven Sharp about why not naming a gunman matters. 

Watch the full interview in the video above. 

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Tom Teves started a group called No Notoriety after his son's death. Source: Seven Sharp