Air New Zealand takes BP and Z Energy to court claiming millions in lost revenue from last year's pipeline rupture

Air New Zealand is taking BP and Z Energy to court after their jet fuel supply was cut due to the rupture of a pipeline last year.

Air New Zealand plane takes off Source: 1 NEWS

A statement from Z Energy says the company has received a statement of claim from Air New Zealand Limited for $4.3 million with respect to the Refinery Auckland Pipeline (RAP) supply outage in September 2017.

While it's thought the pipeline was damaged by illegal digging, the time and date of the breach can't be pinpointed. Source: 1 NEWS

Z Energy says it "refutes all claims" and will be defending itself in court.

According to the NZ Herald BP is facing similar court action and are also refuting the claims they caused the airline lost revenue during the fuel crisis.

"BP strongly denies Air New Zealand's claim and will be defending the proceedings,'' a BP spokesperson told the NZ Herald.

Jacinda Ardern says the second shutdown of the aviation fuel line to Auckland Airport shows a vulnerability she intends to fix. Source: Breakfast

''As this matter is now before the court, it is not appropriate to comment further at this time.''

Thousands of passengers were hit by cancellations and schedule changes since in September after the pipeline carrying jet fuel to Auckland Airport from the Marsden Point refinery was damaged by a digger.

Air New Zealand were contacted by 1 NEWS who said: "We are not in a position to comment while the matter is before the court".

1 NEWS has contacted BP and are awaiting their comments.