‘We’re fighting stupidity’ – Breakfast hosts lambast person who swiped coronavirus testing tent

The thief or thieves who stole a tent being used for coronavirus testing in East Auckland has been delivered a concerned message from police and a grilling from the Breakfast panel for their "stupidity".

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Authorities have urged the unidentified person to get tested for the disease after the tent went missing in Auckland earlier this week. Source: Breakfast

Police are appealing for any information on the Covid-19 testing tent that was stolen from Botany Downs on Monday night, which was set up outside the suburb's maternity hospital.

Authorities say those with information can contact Crimestoppers anonymously, but they're also suggesting the person or people who stole the tent go along to get themselves tested for the coronavirus immediately.

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Staff in the Auckland suburb of Botany discovered it missing when they arrived for work this morning. Source: 1 NEWS

TVNZ1's Breakfast crew weren't as polite with their message to the thief or thieves, though, with presenter Anna Burns-Francis saying the police warning isn't a joke.

"The tent was testing people who could be contagious and you've touched it," she said.

"Of all the dumb things you could steal, that was not a good idea... What did you think? A free tent was just sitting on the side of the road?"

Fellow presenter Hadyn Jones was just as ruthless with his analysis.

"We're fighting two diseases aren't we? Covid-19 and stupidity."