The woman said the guards at Villawood used excessive force against her.

New Zealand woman says guards at Sydney's Villawood detention centre used excessive force against her

"It was intimidating, you know, I was a little scared," the 39-year-old woman of Brisbane said.

Income thresholds, visa limits and stand-down periods are included in the changes.

NZ work visas hit record high despite immigration changes

More than 228,000 work visas were approved in the last year, up 4000 on the previous financial year.

Police are on the scene, which yesterday saw a protest group drop a banner opposing an immigration enforcement group.

Protesters hang banner against Trump's immigration policy from Statue of Liberty

Protesters call for an end to deportations and family separations at the US-Mexico border.

Kiwi teen held in adult detention centre in Australia to be deported home soon

New Zealand is unhappy about the boy's detention, accusing Australia of ignoring United Nations agreements.

Winston Peters says he hasn't been briefed on Chinese student in Auckland reportedly investigated by SIS

Newsroom reports the SIS has investigated the student over concerns his PhD work could be used for sensitive military purposes.

Buena Ventura Martin Godinez and daughter Janne were separated for two months.

A hug two months in the making: Girl reunited with family in Miami after being separated by US authorities

Tears streamed down Buena Ventura Martin Godinez's cheeks while embracing her daughter Janne.

German Councillor Angela Merkel urged the 27 countries at the latest EU summit they need a solution to irregular immigration.

Angela Merkel warns controlling migration could determine future of EU

The German Councillor urged the 27 countries at the latest EU summit they need a solution to immigration.

Hawaii politician Doug Chin took his opposition to President Donald Trump’s ruling to the US Supreme Court.

Politician who challenged President Trump's travel ban says: 'I'll be on right side of history'

Hawaii's Doug Chin spoke to 1 NEWS before the landmark court decision.

It comes after Italy cracked down on immigration and closed its ports.

Rescued migrants remain stranded on container ship off Italian coast

Neither Italy nor Malta has given the crews of the two ships permission to disembark the passengers.

The Foreign Minister said it was too early to say if the Trump-Kim meeting could be deemed a success, “but at least it’s a serious start”.

Winston Peters welcomes Trump ending policy of separating illegal migrants from their children

The Acting PM said the old policy was "simply not a humanitarian approach".

Some have gone as far as labelling the situation as sanctioned child abuse.

Trump officials have no clear plan on how to reunite thousands of children taken from parents at border

"We're still working through the experience of reunifying kids with their parents after adjudication," an official says.

Some have gone as far as labelling the situation as sanctioned child abuse.

Anger continues to mount in US over growing migrant children crisis

Some have gone as far as labelling the situation as sanctioned child abuse.

Some say international students are being unfairly targeted in an effort to dampen down net migration.

Government announces proposal to change international student post-study work rights

Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway says the changes will help eliminate migrant exploitation.

NZ visas for Chinese bank's clients fast-tracked

Immigration New Zealand introduced a streamlined visa process for the bank's private banking or prestigious wealth management customers.

Our Political Editor analyses the big changes to immigration that will see new wage threshold requirements introduced.

'These actions were despicable' - Fijian woman sentenced for NZ visa fraud after husband made up story that family had been massacred

The woman obtained residence for her and three children by remarrying her husband and pretending she didn’t know him before.

A law change is going through Parliament aimed at providing employees with more protection.

Why more employers are bringing skilled migrants to NZ

The construction industry expects it'll need an extra 50,000 workers over the next four years to keep up with demand.

National Party grills Government over whether they'll honour election pledge to drop immigration numbers by an estimated 20K-30K

National's immigration spokesperson Michael Woodhouse and Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway discussed the issued in Parliament today.

Philippines passports.

Most read story: Filipinos 'chasing a false dream' in New Zealand after Manila TV broadcast

News story broadcast on Philippines TV promoting student visas as a sure path to NZ residency branded as fake.

Despite having skills Immigration NZ says the country is short of their residency is being denied.

'Family is everything' - British couple fighting to stay in New Zealand to support daughter and five grandchildren

Despite having skills Immigration NZ says the country is short of their residency is being denied.

mmigration NZ is not actively looking for most of the overstayers and those deported cost taxpayers a fortune.

Most read story: Over 10,000 overstayers in NZ, Immigration not actively looking for most

Those that are found and deported cost taxpayers $7.46 million over the past five years.


'Sense of love' - Christchurch woman who visits Kiwis locked up on Australia's Christmas Island aims to show 'someone cares' during visits

Filipa Payne, a mother of five, fundraises money to visit New Zealanders held in the Australian detention centre.

The latest One News/Colmar Brunton poll shows an increase in people wanting to let fewer migrant into New Zealand.

NZ's annual net migration dips in December, with more Kiwis exiting the country

Annual net migration dropped to 70,600 in December, from 71,200 a year earlier.

The Prime Minister says the government is working alongside Australia to protect vulnerable refugees from people smugglers.

'I consider them to be parasites' – Jacinda Ardern has clear message for people smugglers targeting NZ

Ardern says the government is working alongside Australia to protect refugees.

Donald Trump tells press he wants immigrants from 'everywhere'

Mr Trump was previously quoted as saying he'd prefer more immigrants from countries like Norway and not Africa.

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