Nearly 100 African migrants have been rescued from the sea in Libya today.

Watch: Nearly 100 migrants bound for Europe rescued by Libyan coastguard

Tripoli's anti-illegal immigration department says 97 people were rescued from the sea, including 21 women and two children.

The country is facing a chronic teacher shortage, with the greatest pressure in Auckland.

Government sets up new emergency fund to halt looming teacher shortage

One in five Auckland schools will start the new school term short on staff.

Omer Hazer has lived in NZ since he was 13, but despite his business success, is being told to leave the country.

Inspirational Turkish entrepreneur gets his marching orders from NZ after eight years

Omer Hazer has lived here since he was 13 and started his first company when he was 14.

A new report warns NZ is on the brink of a healthcare crisis.

Shortage of aged care workers looming due to immigration cuts, suggests report

Just 15 per cent of job applications in the industry are from Kiwis.

She says detainees are living in unsanitary, unsafe and overcrowded conditions at Villawood.

Kiwi died from heart disease, meth and fight in Sydney immigration detention centre

A NSW coroner has delivered findings on the death of Robert Peihopa at the Villawood centre.

The controversial politician says it will become a backdoor way of smuggling people into Australia.

Pauline Hanson slams New Zealand's offer to accept Manus Island refugees

The controversial politician says it will become a backdoor way of smuggling people into Australia.

Immigration is not part of Labour's 100-day-plan but Ardern says they are still working on the issue.

Watch: Jacinda Ardern says Government's immigration plan will serve Kiwi workers and students

Figures released today show a slight lift in annual migration numbers.

Omar Hazer has a long history here and may have to return to a Turkey, a country he hardly knows.

'I thank NZ and the people I've met' - bright young entrepreneur says he's been forced to leave the country due to immigration rules

Omer Hazer will have to return to Turkey, and possible military duty, after spending seven years studying and creating jobs in NZ.

Sonam Sharma lost her husband and is pleading for help with her mum's immigration case.

'Get the minister to look at it' - Immigration lawyer's idea for young widow fighting for mum to be allowed into NZ

Aucklander Sonam Sharma would love her mother to help with the baby, but mum was denied a visa.

Mehaka  Lee Te Puia wants justice for other Kiwis detained in Oz after being booted on character grounds.

Kiwi booted out of Aussie despite winning landmark case tells of toll on kids - 'They were shattered'

Mehaka Lee Te Puia was detained at Perth's immigration centre for nearly two years.

The Labour leader was not happy after the publication compared her to Donald Trump over her immigration policy.

Watch: Jacinda Ardern irate over 'absolutely false and frankly offensive' Donald Trump comparison

The Wall Street journal wrote: "Meet New Zealand's Justin Trudeau - except she's more like Trump on immigration".

The United Kingdom, China and India were among the top countries where people are immigrating from.

'Half of last year's growth was in the 15–39 age group' - NZ population explodes with record 12-month growth

A report from Stats NZ shows the population grew by 100,400 in the year ended June 2017.

Since 2001 most New Zealanders living in Australia haven't been allowed to apply for citizenship.

Kiwi uptake for new Aussie visa slow, with under 1000 applying in first month

About 70,000 New Zealanders were eligible when it opened on July 1.

Labour wants to cut immigration by up to 30,000 people, and Jack wanted to know what effect that may have.

Watch: 'That's a silly question' – Labour's Andrew Little and Jack Tame spar about effect of immigration policy on GDP

Mr Little said there would be "no significant economic impact" of slashing migrant numbers by 30,000.

Since 2001 most New Zealanders living in Australia haven't been allowed to apply for citizenship.

Thousands of New Zealanders living across the Tasman become eligible for permanent residency in Australia

Those wishing to apply need to have a taxable income of around $NZ56,000 a year.

The call comes after Australia banned registered sex offenders from holding a passport or travelling overseas.

Chinese national jailed for two years over false passport

Lin has been in New Zealand since 2005, when he arrived from Fiji on a false Hong Kong passport.

James Shaw pitches his party's policy to increase New Zealand refugee quota to 4000 a year.

Green Party proposes big hike in refugee intake to 4000 a year

The Greens want NZ's refugee quota increased to 4000 people, at an extra cost of $350 million.

The Labour leader says the government’s immigration policy has "gotten out of whack".

'Things have gotten out of whack' - Andrew Little defends Labour's proposed immigration cuts

Yesterday, Labour announced they will cut immigration by 20,000 to 30,000 a year.

Labour says it will cut immigration by 20,000 to 30,000 people per year if elected.

Aged care employers say they need migrants as Labour promises to slash immigration

"It's no good having anyone off the street," says an aged care hospital manager.

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