Detention centres and challenges to democracy means there is an edge to this regional forum.

Listen to Don McGlashan & Luke Buda's new protest song to get kids off Nauru - 'Children Don't Belong In Jail'

The Kiwi composers decided the only way they could help the "horrific" situation is by raising awareness.


Immigration NZ extends review of minister's Karel Sroubek decision

The new extension pushes the deadline out to at least a month.

The latest deal was offered as primary teachers and principals start rolling strikes across the country.

Overseas teacher recruitment a 'band-aid' - principal

Yesterday the ministry said 550 foreign teachers have already been screened and are ready for principals to hire.

Jack Tame questioned why the Immigration Minister made the hardest decision of his career, without reading all the notes.

Acting Prime Minister defends Iain Lees-Galloway’s one-hour decision on Karel Sroubek

Kelvin Davis read all the information for the toughest decision of his political career. But when quizzed on the one-hour Karel Sroubek call, he changed tack.

Jed Bush, 24, left, of Washington, a Hill staffer, Maria Praeli, 25, a DACA recipient, and Katie Aragon, 26, react to Democratic wins in the House of Representatives, during a Democratic party election night returns event at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Three-judge panel delivers blow to Trump's effort to end Dreamers programme

Young immigrants who were brought to the US illegally as children are temporarily shielded by the decision.

Czech drug smuggler Karel Sroubek hits out, following immigration controversy, Paula Bennett's comments

"Much of what has been said about me and my circumstances does not present the true picture," he says.

New photos show Mr Sroubek wasn’t laying low in New Zealand.

Czech Republic to seek extradition of drug smuggler Karel Sroubek from NZ

An arrest warrant was issued for Sroubek in 2013 for outstanding criminal proceedings.

New photos show Mr Sroubek wasn’t laying low in New Zealand.

Czech drug smuggler who claimed danger if deported was on show as a New Zealand Weddings winner

"I eventually opted for a navy suit made from Italian wool," Karel Sroubek told New Zealand Weddings.

Karel Sroubek was jailed for five-years and nine months for importing ecstasy.

National calling for Immigration Minister to resign after new information emerges about Czech man given NZ residency

Karl Sroubek was subject for deportation after entering the country under a false identity, but has been granted residency.

Workplace Relations Minister Iain Lees-Galloway says too many people are missing out on the successes of a productive economy.

Minister stands by decision to let Czech drug smuggler stay in NZ

Iain Lees-Galloway is under fire from the National Party, which is calling for him to resign.

“This was a very difficult decision, and it doesn’t happen often,” Jacinda Ardern told Breakfast.

Jacinda Ardern defends decision not to deport Czech drug smuggler - 'There's other information, obviously'

"Someone with this kind of offending to their name would usually be a quite straight forward deportation," she said.

Hundreds more US troops to patrol USA's southern border as caravan of migrants approaches

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis signed off on a request for help.

Aussie PM says there is no timeline for getting kids off Nauru

Eleven children were evacuated earlier this week, leaving 52 still on the island.

Fox News reporter hides in bushes to stop migrants crossing US border

They retreated back to the Mexican side as he confronted them about illegally crossing.

After years of successive governments touting regional growth initiatives, it’s not just the cities growing anymore.

Every region in NZ sees population boost for first time in eight years

After successive governments touting regional growth initiatives, it's not just the cities growing anymore.

Thousands of Central American migrants push north, ignoring Trump's warnings

The US President says he'll close the border and call up the military to stop them.

Pretty Hser with her husband and three sons.

Language barrier stopped refugee mum-of-three, who died suddenly, from getting mental health support

Refugees are having to wait months for support services, the New Zealand Myanmar Ethnics Council says.

Alliance is looking for staff overseas, saying there are not enough Kiwis to fill the gaps, or those that are applying aren’t up to scratch.

'About 2000 people short' - meat industry looks overseas as it struggles to fill vacancies

Alliance says there are not enough Kiwis to fill the gaps, or those that are applying aren't up to scratch.

The Prime Minister is due to give birth and start maternity leave in just one week.

John Armstrong's opinion: Ardern scotches suggestions she's Peters' poodle by rejecting values test for immigrants

NZ First's convention was nothing less than failed leadership on Peter's part, writes our columnist.

“It’s not Government policy,” the PM told Breakfast today. “It’s not something the Labour Party would support.”

'It's not Government policy' - Jacinda Ardern distances Labour from NZ First’s proposed immigrant values bill

The proposal would include a commitment to respect freedom of religion, legal sexual preferences, gender equality and the right to consume alcohol.

Rising numbers claiming asylum after arriving in NZ is putting pressure on Immigration officials.

Immigration NZ clamps down on visitor visas as more seek asylum after arriving

The agency is also asking for more money to speed up processing.

Some party members say the controversial bill is racist, but it has Winston Peters' support.

The country would be a 'hell hole' without NZ values - Winston Peters

NZ First passed a remit to introduce a Respecting New Zealand Values Bill for migrants and refugees at the party's annual conference over the weekend.

The Opposition leader says Winston Peters is trying to distract from the “dysfunction junction” in Government.

Simon Bridges rubbishes NZ First's immigrant values proposal as 'headline grabbing nonsense'

The National Party leader says Winston Peters is trying to distract from the "dysfunction junction" that is the Government.

It comes after the Government announced it will increase the quota by 500.

Preparations are underway as more refugees set to make New Zealand home

Refugees are resettled in five regions, but six more are being opened up.

This week’s refugee quota announcement should give the PM a stronger hand in NYC, she told 1 NEWS journalist Jessica Mutch McKay.

Jacinda Ardern says refugee quota gives NZ strength ahead of UN summit

The Prime Minister will be giving a keynote speech on the climate during next week's trip.

Jacinda Ardern’s announcement yesterday means six new settlement locations will be in the works, Rachel O’Conner told Breakfast.

Refugee quota increase a proud moment, Red Cross says, but now it's time to prepare

"Welcoming communities" now need to step up, says Rachel O'Conner.

Pizza Hut sign

Former Hastings Pizza Hut owner fined for illegally employing work

A judge rejected Mahipal Reddy Kolan's request that he be discharged without conviction.

The Prime Minister was asked her view on Immigration granting Ms Manning a visa to the country.

'We are a nation that allows free speech' - New Zealanders should be allowed to hear Chelsea Manning, says Ardern

It comes after Immigration New Zealand granted the US whistle-blower a visa this morning.


Whistle-blower Chelsea Manning will be allowed to visit New Zealand, immigration department rules

Manning, a former army intelligence analyst best-known for leaking classified military and diplomatic documents to Wikileaks.

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