Auckland hospitals write off $53m in treatment costs for overseas patients

Patients with acute injuries or illnesses are treated, regardless of their eligibility for funding.

It comes after the Government announced it will increase the quota by 500.

Preparations are underway as more refugees set to make New Zealand home

Refugees are resettled in five regions, but six more are being opened up.

The White House has accused Democrats and the media of exploiting the photo.

US federal agency admits losing track of 1,488 'vulnerable' migrant children

It's the second time nearly 1,500 kids have gone missing in the last year.

This week’s refugee quota announcement should give the PM a stronger hand in NYC, she told 1 NEWS journalist Jessica Mutch McKay.

Jacinda Ardern says refugee quota gives NZ strength ahead of UN summit

The Prime Minister will be giving a keynote speech on the climate during next week's trip.

Jacinda Ardern’s announcement yesterday means six new settlement locations will be in the works, Rachel O’Conner told Breakfast.

Refugee quota increase a proud moment, Red Cross says, but now it's time to prepare

"Welcoming communities" now need to step up, says Rachel O'Conner.

Pizza Hut sign

Former Hastings Pizza Hut owner fined for illegally employing work

A judge rejected Mahipal Reddy Kolan's request that he be discharged without conviction.

There are just over 100 children detained on the island, and the impact on them is horrific.

'We don't have a future here' - Nauru refugees look to other countries for help

All say they can see no end in sight to their detention and feel utterly helpless that their futures lie in the hands of the Australian and Nauru Governments.

Police were deployed to the Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre in West Australia.

'It's like a double sentence' - New Zealanders in Australia's Yongah Hill Detention Centre say jail is better

Riots and fires broke out at the West Australian detention centre after a detainee was found seriously injured in his cell following an apparent suicide attempt.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs is currently attending the Pacific Islands Forum in Nauru.

Labour and NZ First differ over refugee increase

Labour campaigned on raising the refugee quota to 1500 per year, but Winston Peters says they "never made a commitment".

Children as young as seven attempting suicide while in detention in Nauru, report claims

The Refugee Council of Australia report says there is overwhelming evidence of abuse and suffering at the Australian immigration detention centre.

Since 2001 most New Zealanders living in Australia haven't been allowed to apply for citizenship.

Popular: Man deported from NZ for not telling immigration of sperm donation

Guogang Tao’s marriage ended after he revealed the secret donation. Now his residency is destroyed as well.

The Prime Minister was asked her view on Immigration granting Ms Manning a visa to the country.

'We are a nation that allows free speech' - New Zealanders should be allowed to hear Chelsea Manning, says Ardern

It comes after Immigration New Zealand granted the US whistle-blower a visa this morning.


Whistle-blower Chelsea Manning will be allowed to visit New Zealand, immigration department rules

Manning, a former army intelligence analyst best-known for leaking classified military and diplomatic documents to Wikileaks.

A Filipino worker at a construction site in Christchurch

Filipino worker who came to Christchurch for a better life but alleges abuse, exploitation speaks out

A report released this week by E Tū Union, found Filipino construction workers brought in from overseas for jobs in Auckland and Christchurch are frequently being exploited.

Sydney's Villawood immigration detention centre slammed after man collapses after 'very poor' medical treatment

A human rights lawyer says medical and mental health care are "difficult to access" at the centre.

The whistleblower spent seven years in prison for leaking US state secrets, but she’s no threat here, the Green Party MP says.

Green MP slams effort to bar US whistle-blower Chelsea Manning from NZ - 'She's done her time'

"She's done her time - do we say that she should be silenced forever?" Golriz Ghahraman asked.

They say Manning shouldn’t be allowed to profit from her crimes.

WikiLeaks whistle-blower Chelsea Manning shouldn’t be allowed into NZ, says National’s Michael Woodhouse

But some MPs from other parties think she should be able to come here for her scheduled speaking engagement next week.

The US has stopped separating immigrant families - and is now ramping up its use of GPS ankle monitors

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement is issuing thousands of 155-gram ankle monitors that immigrants call grilletes, or electronic shackles, spelling big profits for some.

Here are just a few policies the parties have on how they would handle immigration in New Zealand.

New Zealand's net migration drops 12 per cent on 2017's record high of 72,400

Annual net migration for the year to July 2018 was 63,800.

The Government has announced changes to foreign students’ work rights, as it tackle skill shortages.

Change to international students' post-study work rights announced

The Immigration Minister said today changes will "boost New Zealand’s economy".

During an interview on Q+A, Mr Peters was asked if he had let voters down after promising to cut immigration to 10,000 a year.

Most read: NZ First 'lost the argument' in coalition immigration deal - Peters

Net migration has only dropped 7,400, despite election promises, with NZ First wanting more.

Mr Bridges said while he does "disagree strongly" with the views of Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, "freedom of speech matters".

Controversial far-right Canadian speakers granted 10-day work visas to New Zealand

The Immigration Minister said they met all the character requirements.

Winston Peters says he hasn't been briefed on Chinese student in Auckland reportedly investigated by SIS

Newsroom reports the SIS has investigated the student over concerns his PhD work could be used for sensitive military purposes.

Hawaii politician Doug Chin took his opposition to President Donald Trump’s ruling to the US Supreme Court.

Politician who challenged President Trump's travel ban says: 'I'll be on right side of history'

Hawaii's Doug Chin spoke to 1 NEWS before the landmark court decision.

It comes after Italy cracked down on immigration and closed its ports.

Rescued migrants remain stranded on container ship off Italian coast

Neither Italy nor Malta has given the crews of the two ships permission to disembark the passengers.

The Foreign Minister said it was too early to say if the Trump-Kim meeting could be deemed a success, “but at least it’s a serious start”.

Winston Peters welcomes Trump ending policy of separating illegal migrants from their children

The Acting PM said the old policy was "simply not a humanitarian approach".

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