'This is a legitimate wound' - former soldier fights stigma of mental health with Poppy Day appeal

"I walked into the medical centre, burst into tears and said 'I can’t do this anymore,'" Mark Compain told 1 NEWS.

Bright, who fears she has cancer, is asking for the mortgagee sale of her home to be halted.

Activist Penny Bright declines Auckland Council proposal to extend outstanding rates

The High Court has ordered for Ms Bright's house be sold to recover more than $35,000 in unpaid rates.

Watch: 'I was a functioning alcoholic' - Breakfast’s Hayley Holt reveals battle with the booze

“I knew I was a problem drinker basically right from the beginning,” Ms Holt said on The Inside Word.

Dr Kate Baddock says the new code of practice for pharmacists could lead to people mistaking an alternative remedy to real, scientifically-proven medicine.

'They make a difference' - Modern medicines not being funded for Kiwis, industry group says

Dr Graeme Jarvis says for every dollar spent on medicines, three to ten dollars are saved in terms of reduced hospitalisation for chronic illness sufferers.

Close-up shot of hemp

MPs give self-confessed medicinal cannabis law-breakers second chance

Many advocates of the plant have been told to reconsider their submissions to parliament.

AUT'S Professor and co-author Grant Schofield spoke about fasting on TVNZ1's Breakfast today.

Skipping breakfast a couple of times a week is beneficial for health claims Kiwi in new book

Grant Schofield suggests skipping the morning meal and supercharging dinner.

Doctor with stethoscope

Bowel Cancer NZ estimates 15,000 people missed out of screening

The Health Minister apologised last month when a cancer patient died after missing out.

More than 23,000 people are now believed to be homeless in Auckland alone, not including those sleeping on sofas and in garages.

Support programme helps Auckland homeless transition into permanent housing

After one year, 39 homeless have moved into permanent housing.

Raw fruit and vegetables beneficial for mental health - study

The benefits significantly reduce for cooked, canned and processed fruit and vegetables.

University of Otago research says bacteria from uncooked chicken is making thousands of Kiwis sick, and costing millions.

Up to 90 per cent of NZ chicken could be contaminated with Camplobacteria – new study

Most NZ consumers are unaware that most fresh chicken for sale in NZ has Campylobacter, study finds.

Rotorua, Whitianga Taupo, and Te Anau all face losing their rescue helicopter bases in a porposed rejig.

Thousands march in Taupo against potential loss of rescue helicopter base

A rejig of rescue helicopter facilities means Rotorua, Whitianga, Taupo, and Te Anau could all lose their bases.

'My family has a history of clogged arteries' - Phil Goff releases statement from hospital bed after urgent heart surgery

The Auckland Mayor underwent an angioplasty on Saturday to have stents put in to widen arteries in his heart.

California judge rules that coffee should come with a cancer warning

The reason is a byproduct of the bean roasting process - a known carcinogen.

Auckland's mayor says strong spending in infrastructure was needed in New Zealand's biggest city, where traffic congestion is a huge issue.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff in hospital after unplanned surgery

Mr Goff underwent an angioplasty yesterday in Auckland Hospital.

The former Health Minister is under fire for his claimed ignorance of four leaky buildings in the Auckland hospital.

Middlemore hospital to remain in use during repairs

Reconstruction is set to take place on the rotting Scott building, but some doctors are concerned about the hospital remaining in use.

Auckland Council is pushing an educational campaign after poop in pools has been more common than ever this summer.

'Code Brown' – health situation pooping up in public pools more than ever

About a hundred summertime incidents has prompted an Auckland council education campaign.

Doctors in NZ are warning the lure of cheap dental work overseas is a risk that can cost more in the long run.

Kiwi dentists fixing substandard overseas surgery is widespread – report

The study, by the University of Otago, found 96 per cent of Kiwi dentists have had to correct botched procedures from overseas.

Queenstown woman confirmed as sixth to contract measles in South Island

The woman in her 20s travelled on Air NZ between Queenstown and Christchurch early this week.

Restroom hand dryers spray faeces particles on your hands, study suggests

"Sixty different bacterial colonies can be blown out of the machines in just one 30-second drying."

The hospital has known of the issues since 2012 but the Minister of Health says he only just learned of them.

Contract signed to start work on one of Middlemore Hospital's defective buildings

The work will be carried out while the hospital remains open.

Health Minister urging Kiwis to get flu vaccinations

Around 400 people die of influenza or its complications each winter.

Doctor with stethoscope

More than 100 people may have been exposed to measles in South Island

The highly contagious virus first showed up at Queenstown Airport late last month.

Kiwi dentists picking up the pieces when 'dental tourism' goes wrong

Dentists say patients are often over-treated and inappropriately treated overseas, with irreversible damage.

David Clark and Jonathan Coleman have denied knowing the extent of the state of Middlemore.

Middlemore Hospital's defective buildings: Jonathan Coleman, David Clark were warned of problems

Some facilities at the south Auckland hospital have extensive toxic mould.

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