A cancer patient Fair Go talked to would be happy to be able to grow just one plant in his new kitset greenhouse.

Going into bat for a medicinal cannabis user fighting for a Fair Go

A cancer patient would be happy to be able to grow just one plant in his new kitset greenhouse.

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Vaccine skepticism is contributing to a measles resurgence in Europe

More than 41,000 measles cases were reported in the region during the first half of the year - more than in all 12-month periods so far this decade

Deer velvet lowered in pills after supplement company director's nosebleeds

A Commerce Commission lawyer says the process was "woefully inadequate and utterly unscientific".

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Hospital gave negligent care to teenager who died after car crash, report finds

Staff initially believed the woman was drunk after the 2014 incident.

The 1 NEWS sports reporter says the All Blacks midfielder has told him in the past that recovery times differ with each concussion.

Don't jump to conclusion that Ryan Crotty should retire, says 1 NEWS’ sports reporter Guy Heveldt

Star has said previously that recovery times differ with each concussion.

In this Friday, Aug. 17, 2018 photo, Dr. Shafeeq Sheikh awaits his sentencing at Harris County Family Law Center in Houston. The former Baylor doctor received 10 years probation for raping a patient in 2013 at Ben Taub Hospital. (Yi-Chin Lee/Houston Chronicle via AP)

Doctor avoids jail for sexually assaulting 'weak, sore and medicated' hospital patient

The victim tried to get a nurse with the call button, but it was unplugged.

Researchers found low carbohydrate diets designed to reduce your waistline could reduce your life expectancy.

Carb lovers get thumbs up as study finds low carb diet could curb your life

New research finds eating pasta, bread and potatoes could make you live longer.

Alcohol packaging needs warning for pregnant women, experts say

An estimated 600 children are born every year with foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).

Bupa retirement village in Cambridge found to have further problems after serious complaints

Freda Love died in Waikato Hospital in February last year after five painful months at St Kilda, which her son described as "a cascade of misadventure, mistreatment and abuse".


Number of New Zealanders using anti-psychotic drugs for other conditions has surged

An Otago University researcher says more studies are needed after it was revealed prescriptions for anti-psychotic drugs have increased by half in less than a decade.

Both parties lay out the reasons why they were for or against legalising euthanasia.

'In this bill there are no consequences' - Sir Bill English speaks out against proposed euthanasia legislation, supporter Matt Vickers wants restrictions

Matt Vickers' late wife Lecretia Seales was denied the right to voluntary euthanasia before she died in mid-2015.

Dr Take Naseri says the nurses involved have since been removed from the "tense atmosphere" after babies Lameko and Lanna’s died.

Second nurse charged over Samoa toddlers' MMR vaccine deaths

Police today arrested the woman and charged her with manslaughter and conspiring to defeat justice.

The Australasian study claims drinking just once a week can have serious repercussions.

Higher alcohol tax needed to reduce harm - economist

Twenty per cent of Kiwis drink 75 per cent of the country's alcohol yet are not paying to clean up the mess, a forum has heard.

Association President Dr Bill O’Connor says he would like to see more schools serve kids water only.

School dental service 'isn’t working' as 'massive sugar epidemic' ruins Kiwi kids' teeth

Dr Bill O'Connor would like to see more schools stop selling or allowing sugary items to be consumed at school, and switch to water only.

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New Zealand victims of birth control device Essure want accountability

However a top lawyer says the ACC scheme would prevent women from suing for damages here.

Dr Take Naseri says the nurses involved have since been removed from the "tense atmosphere" after babies Lameko and Lanna’s died.

Samoa nurse granted bail over baby vaccine deaths

Both of the infants died quickly after being immunised for measles, mumps and rubella.

Public Health Association CEO Warren Lindberg is  urging people to only show up to A&E in a true emergency.

Big changes needed to fix strained hospital emergency wards in NZ, expert says

Auckland City's Hospital's A & E admissions have hit record numbers.

The new operation has a dramatically higher death rate than any other cosmetic procedure and has caused a string of deaths internationally.

Brazilian butt lift deaths spark warning from Australasian plastic surgeons society

The BBL has a much higher death rate than other cosmetic procedures.

The programme is popular within schools in Wellington, and yesterday it was first trialled in Auckland at Westmere School.

Watch: Kids taught mindfulness through Māori mythology and yoga in classrooms

Jason Te Patu says the programme helps teach tamariki to be present in the moment.

Auckland, New Zealand - October 08, 2013: Aerial view of Auckland City Hospital on October 08, 2013. The Auckland City Hospital is Auckland's main hospital and the largest hospital in New Zealand

Use A & E only in true emergency, public urged, as Auckland City Hospital’s emergency admissions hit record numbers

Auckland DHB says visits are well up from previous years, and considerable wait times are the result.

Young scientist looking through a microscope in a laboratory. Young scientist doing some research.

Blood-sucking hookworms loom as next big hope in battle against autoimmune diseases

Researchers say they'll also be useful in treating common allergies.

Dr Nicki Jackson said these types of services promote people "topping up" their alcohol consumption.

Another alcohol delivery company prompts debate on whether it's convenient or harmful

My Beer Case - Auckland's fourth service to offer alcohol deliveries in under one hour - is seeking $250,000 in investment to expand its business and hire more drivers.

It comes after a landmark court ruling in the US saw Monsanto ordered to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for causing a man’s cancer.

Horticulturist calls for urgent NZ review of Roundup's safety

Monsanto was ordered to pay hundreds of millions in a US case over the weed killer causing cancer.

Thankfully Judy's experience was a case of out-of-date policy, not PC gone mad.

Christchurch woman bemused after cafe denies request to butter takeaway scone for 'health and safety' reasons

Judy's experience at the Christchurch Hospital cafe was a case of out-of-date policy, not PC gone mad.

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