Handcuffs (File picture).

Taranaki nurse struck off after US jail term for robbery revealed

James Middlebrook didn't reveal all of his past to the District Health Board.

Carl Gilbertson paid this amazing tribute to his wife Laura, who has MS, with the help of the Liverpool Media Academy.

Sick wife shocked by stunning flash mob of Bruno Mars hit on anniversary

Be prepared to be moved by what you're about to watch.

James Rolleston and with Taika Waititi earlier in his career

Family of Boy movie star James Rolleston thank NZ for messages of love and support

The 19-year-old actor remains in intensive care after a car crash.

The $300 million raised by the endless clips of people dunking icy water on their heads helped researchers find a gene linked to Motor Neurone Disease.

Viral ice bucket challenge leads to major scientific breakthrough for Motor Neurone Disease

Endless clips of people dunked in icy water raised a phenomenal amount of funds.

Boys now eligible for free potentially life-saving vaccine

Until now, parents wanting their sons vaccinated have had to pay around $450 for the Gardasil vaccine.

Investigation to begin after death of Sydney infant who was given wrong gas

Baby John Ghanam was given nitrous oxide instead of oxygen.

All sugary drinks will be removed from council-run leisure centres.

Sugary drinks to be scrapped from Auckland Council vending machines in move to fight obesity

"We're not telling people what to drink, but we are offering them better choices."

The major mix-up saw the wrong dispenser installed in a resuscitation unit at a hospital in Sydney’s south-west.

Claim of an earlier oxygen bottle error at Sydney hospital

The baby was harmed when an oxygen bottle ran out during a resuscitation.

US researchers surveyed around 5000 people finding that nearly half carry the gene.

Samoan bootcampers determined not to be beaten by genetics

A groundbreaking study has found a rare gene in Samoa that stores fat and increases obesity risk.

American researcher Kate Regal is on our shores to find out.

Can swinging poi make the elderly healthier and smarter

A US university student is on our shores to test whether poi can be a beneficial exercise.

Thousands miss out on surgery over three month period

Newly-released data shows just over 7700 people missed out on surgeries over a three-month period.

'Wake up, what have they done to you?' - Mother's heartbreaking words after infant son dies in hospital gas error

The newborns were mistakenly treated with nitrous oxide, or "laughing gas", instead of oxygen.

New research shows some Samoan people have a unique gene that puts them at an increased risk.

Researchers find rare gene in Samoa linked to risk of obesity

The genetic variation on chromosome 5 can greatly increase a person's tendency to store fat.

VTE or venous thrombo-embolism? Research shows 50% of us have never heard of it and even more unaware of what causes it.

Kiwis blissfully unaware of dangerous medical condition

Approximately 4000 New Zealanders get a VTE every year, and it kills 60 of them.

45,000 patients seeking elective surgery turned away by DHBs in 2015 - Labour

Patients were sent back to their GPs without seeing specialists they were referred to, says Labour.

Stroke and heart attack screenings falling short - report

An epidemiological study says screening hasn't helped reduce stroke numbers in the past decade.

Edmund Fordyce had open heart surgery at nine days old, but that hasn’t stopped him dreaming of being a croquet champion.

Meet the teen croquet sensation with a broken heart

Edmund Fordyce had open heart surgery at nine days old, but that hasn’t stopped him dreaming of being a croquet champion.

She says detainees are living in unsanitary, unsafe and overcrowded conditions at Villawood.

Green MP challenging tight-lipped Villawood detention centre

Marama Davidson has been challenging the Sydney centre since the death of New Zealander Rob Peihopa.

Dr Chris Wilkins from Massey University says the clubs would sell drugs only to those registered with the club.

Decriminalising cannabis could bring in $150m a year in tax revenue - report

"We spend about $400 million per year enforcing prohibition," a Treasury report states.

Some companies and sports clubs are taking it upon themselves to make sure defibrillators are on hand.

NZ needs thousands more heart defibrillators but Auckland woman sorts her suburb

Beach Haven's Lauren Davies was shocked to find there were no defibrillators in her area.

Some companies and sports clubs are taking it upon themselves to make sure defibrillators are on hand.

Lady with heart of gold desperately campaigning for more defibrillators

Some companies and sports clubs are taking it upon themselves to make sure defibrillators are on hand.

Marlena and Dave Peacock have launched a petition calling on the government to intervene in son Ashley's case.

Parents of isolated autistic man say son's been turned into an 'animal'

"If you lock someone up in a cage, which is what happened to him, you get an animal."

Tests For Research Of Zica virus (ZIKV)

Woman found to spread Zika through sex for first time

A New York City woman infected her male partner with Zika virus through sex.

Vaccination refusal rate high in Northland, their rural location could be to blame

A study has revealed difficulties accessing care are likely to be a factor.

3D-printed prosthetic limbs are lighter, more advanced and free: "This is the most rewarding process".

'Our goal is to design bionic arms for children' - US team builds 3D arm for Kiwi kid

Growing up with only one arm meant Corey has had his fair share of difficulties.

The All Black opened up about the struggles his family faced after his wife went through a kidney transplant last year.

'It's a no-brainer really' - Crusaders rally to fundraise for young girl's kidney transplant

Maddie Collins, 12, needs $350,000 to travel to the US for the life-saving operation.

Immigration officials and recruitment agencies say they have been inundated by huge numbers of health workers keen to leave the UK.

Brexit may see Kiwi health system flush with UK workers

The EU referendum result saw some 225 British health workers register an interest in moving to NZ.

Golf's place at Olympics questioned as Spieth joins Rio boycott over Zika

Jordan Spieth follows the lead of Jason Day, Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy because of fears concerning the Zika virus.

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