'Cannabis is medicine' - New Zealand's first marijuana advertising campaign launched

This follows the Government passing The Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill.

With only nine days left before Christmas many of us will be over indulging.

New British study suggests we should jump on the scales more over the festive season

With only nine days left before Christmas many of us will be over indulging.

Scientific studies show vaping is healthier than smoking, the government says, and it will likely help current smokers to quit.

Kiwi vaping firm defends ads after complaints arise

Director of Vaping company, Alt, Ben Pryor says he's confident the complaints will be dismissed.

His enthusiasm for a new healthcare bill comes after Obamacare was ruled unconstitutional by a US federal judge.

Trump signals healthcare reform to overtake 'unconstitutional' Obamacare

His enthusiasm stems from yesterday's federal court ruling that Obamacare was based on an unconstitutional foundation.

The holidays doesn’t mean presents and good food for everyone.

Calls for low decile schools to stay open over summer break so kids stay fed

Teachers say the growing need for assistance must be addressed.

The Counties Manukau DHB says there's been a "progressive increase" in the amount of time patients stay at Middlemore.

DHB not filling 58 admin jobs at Middlemore Hospital to save money

It is trying but struggling to recruit for jobs in anaesthesiology, radiology and mental health.

Johnson & Johnson pay out $USD 4.7 billion to 22 women and their families, who claim the powder contains asbestos, which contributed their ovarian cancer.

Johnson & Johnson takes 10 per cent hit in shares following reports its talc products contain asbestos

Documents show J&J was aware of traces of asbestos for nearly 50 years.

The Northland doctor opens up about the reaction to his protest over the screening of an anti-vaccination movie.

'No jab, no play' laws to be implemented in Western Australia

Unvaccinated children will be banned from attending school and child care centres in WA during disease outbreaks

Pharmacy wins battle with Government for right to sell kombucha

The Wellington business plans to serve the fermented beverages on tap after they were blocked by the Ministry of Health.

Professor Roger Mulder from University of Otago says one on one therapy is not always an option.

Expert calls for rethink of traditional therapy as NZ faces severe shortage of mental health workers

"One on one therapy is not always feasible," says Professor Roger Mulder.

David Clark made the major Government announcement today, December 13.

Addiction services back Government move on synthetic cannabis

Over the past year more than 50 people have died as a result of taking synthetic cannabis.

Over the next 12 days, ACC will be releasing videos highlighting some of the more quirky injuries and accidents that seem to pop up every year.

ACC launch campaign to prevent 'silly season' accidents

There were more than 4000 Christmas Day ACC claims with common mishaps including wine corks in eyes and puppy scratches.

One in seven New Zealanders over the age of 50 are affected in some way by the condition.

New blood test offers hope to macular degeneration sufferers

The Australian research is also testing for new drugs to slow down the condition.

David Clark made the major Government announcement today, December 13.

Crackdown on synthetic drugs sees two common types classified as Class A

Police will now have the discretion to take a "therapeutic approach" when considering prosecution.

Dr Stuart Jones says “the horse has bolted” because parents believe it’s safe – when it isn’t.

Government moved too slowly on regulating e-cigarettes, lead respiratory doc warns

Dr Stuart Jones says "the horse has bolted" because parents believe it's safe – when it isn't.

Young female surgeon writing on clipboard in hospital. Medical professional is filling form at counter. She is wearing scrubs.

A third of NZ nurses have fallen asleep while driving home - study

A sleep expert says a new model is needed to manage nurses' shift work and fatigue-related risk.

Heidi Harty-Eugster was given the gift of life, and she wants to make sure other sick Kiwis have the same opportunity.

Grateful heart transplant recipient pleads for Kiwis to have the ‘donor’ chat with their families this Christmas

Heidi Harty-Eugster was given the gift of life, and she wants to make sure other sick Kiwis have the same opportunity.

Increase in tongue-tie cuts result of hospital rush - GP

The procedures involve snipping a tissue connecting a baby's tongue to the lower jaw, to improve breastfeeding.

Modern Family's Sarah Hyland has second kidney transplant thanks to her brother

Hyland detailed her lifelong health struggles in an interview in Self magazine.

James Bond has 'severe' drinking problem, according to researchers

Movies of martini-loving spy studied by Otago University researchers among others.

The town could run out of water completely in a day or two.

US water scientist shocked by NZ's water quality

Mark Borchardt came to New Zealand with the impression that it was clean and green and was surprised by what he saw.

The distressing symptoms of 18-month-old Nash Jones include extreme self harm.

Taranaki couple's desperate bid to prolong life of young son with rare disease that causes self-harm

Nash Jones, aged 18 months, is the only person in New Zealand with Lesch-Nyhan syndrome.

Pool safety laws too lax, doctor says

The Auckland Council is telling pool owners to make their pools safe as summer approaches, to prevent drownings.

 The New England Jounal of Medicine posted a picture on Twitter of a coughed up blood clot in the shape of a patient's right lung's bronchial tree.

Man coughs up blood clot shaped exactly like his lung's bronchial tree, doctor 'astonished'

The patient had been had been coughing up tiny blot clots for days before an extreme coughing spell brought this up.

Bad Taste Food Awards: Consumer NZ calls out our food companies over 'misleading' claims

This year's awards included foods promoted as healthier choices, "even though they contained spoonfuls of sugar".

From today 25,000 meningococcal vaccines will be handed out in Northland, following three deaths.

Anxious Northland parents queue for hours to get MenW meningococcal vaccine

The three-week vaccine campaign kicked off on Wednesday at Whangarei Girl's High School and Kerikeri High School.

Public safety at risk as years of bullying mounts, Auckland Rescue Helicopter staff say

CEO Greg Barrow resigned today two years after complaints were raised.

The Independent Complaints Authority has upheld every criticism levelled at police by the family of Nicky Stevens

Waikato DHB slammed in coroner's report into death of mental health patient Nicky Stevens

Key findings from Coroner Wallace Bain’s report are damning. Most notably, that Nicky’s death could have been avoided.

Health Minister David Clark made the announcement today.

Section of new Dunedin Hospital fast tracked, current state won't 'last the distance'

The outpatient and day surgery building would finish early.

Mr Stevens died at 21 when he was allowed to walk out of a mental health unit unsupervised. An inquest is being held into his death.

Parents of Nicky Stevens 'vindicated but devastated' after Coroner rules his death was avoidable

Nicky drowned in the Waikato River while under the care of Waikato DHB's mental health unit.

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