Researchers are testing the latest health technology to see which older patients are at risk of overmedication.

Elderly lives could be saved by new drug harm prediction system

Eighty-thousand Kiwis are involved in an Otago University study to reduce over-medication harm.

Australia to legalise growing of medicinal marijuana

The bill is guaranteed to become law, with the main opposition party, Labor, immediately pledging support.

An Auckland University researcher is looking into links between the two.

Video games to spur you on to fitness

An Auckland University researcher's trial technology could encourage you to achieve that fitness goal.

If disaster happens, like a serious accident, hope can become very fragile.

Hope helps three Kiwis through devastating spinal injuries

Tanya Black, Dan Buckingham and Jai Waite spoke to TVNZ's Sunday programme.

More than 10 cities in Brazil called off celebrations due to Zika virus, but Rio partied on.

Rio Carnival goes ahead despite Zika fears

Some medical experts have voiced concerns about the massive gathering.

John Key says the health surcharge is "just another chipping away of New Zealanders rights in the UK".

Prime Minister slams new UK health surcharge aimed at Kiwis

Britain is extending the Immigration Health Surcharge to include New Zealanders.

Zika epidemic declared in Tonga - travel advisory issued

Five people are have contracted the Zika virus in Tonga as it joins the CDC's watch list.

Dr Marc Shaw says New Zealand’s climate makes it difficult for the mosquitos carrying the virus to survive.

Pregnant woman found with Zika virus in Spain

The woman had returned to Spain after travelling in Colombia.

Cystic Fibrosis sufferer Chloe Hopkins said it was her dream to meet the football superstar.

David Beckham sends 'love and best wishes' to terminally ill woman in touching video

Cystic Fibrosis sufferer Chloe Hopkins wrote on her bucket list that she would love to meet the star. This was his response.

In NZ we don’t tax fizzy drinks, despite evidence linking them to obesity and tooth decay.

If kids knew the truth about fizzy drinks, would they still drink it?

In NZ we don’t tax fizzy drinks, despite evidence linking them to obesity and tooth decay.

Taranaki mum Sarah spotted a golden glow in Mason’s eye and feared for the worst.

Baby Mason a happy chappy after receiving new glass eye

The Taranaki youngster has been diagnosed with Coats Disease.

There is plenty of evidence linking sugar intake to obesity and tooth decay, but NZ is not taxing or doing anything with sugary drinks.

Rotten teeth and big bellies - should fizzy drinks come with a warning label?

Kids were offered water or fizzy drinks with warning labels, and Seven Sharp gauged their reactions.

US Zika virus case was sexually transmitted, US health officials say

Instances of sexual transmission of the virus are rare, with just two previous documented cases - one in 2008 and one in 2013.

Pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur launches effort for Zika vaccine

The vaccine is likely to take years to be developed.

The disorder is more regularly associated with boys, but when it comes to adults, the condition may affect a similar number from each sex.

Kiwi women with ADHD breaking down stigma of condition: 'It's like depression in the '80s'

Anna Redgrave and Tracey Roundtree discovered they had the condition as adults.

Doctor generic

Bowel cancer deaths trend downwards in New Zealand

But our bowel cancer rates are still among the world's highest.

The WHO will discuss whether the virus constitutes an international emergency.

American Samoa added to NZ Zika list

The Health Minister warns Kiwis are at risk if they travel to areas where Zika virus is prevalent.

The emotional moment dead baby's mum hears her child's heartbeat inside little girl

The incredible mother a mum hears her dead son's heart in another child is captured on video.

The summer beard seens to be staying on some fellas as they roll back into work.

Seven Sharp's beard hygiene test results are a close shave

Swab samples from the faces of several bearded and clean shaven TVNZers were analysed.

The WHO will discuss whether the virus constitutes an international emergency.

WHO set to step up global focus on Zika virus

The World Health Organisation is deciding whether Zika constitutes an international emergency.

Meth cleanup

Number of meth-contaminated state houses jumps 700 percent in just 18 months

Housing NZ may increase the testing of state houses as they become vacant.

Woman in hospital gown

Women urged to check for signs of ovarian cancer

Ovarian Cancer Awareness month begins today and women are being advised by GPs to be mindful of symptoms.

Bangladeshi man Abul Bajandar has been dubbed the “tree-man” because of wart-like lesions growing from his body.

Man with lesions on his hands that look like branches struggles with rare condition

The Bangladeshi "tree man" has wart-like lesions growing from his body.

The virus, which is linked to birth defects in babies, is now "spreading explosively".

NZ 'really fortunate' with its protection against Zika virus - Health Ministry

There were nine reported cases in January after six last year, and one man is in hospital.

In this Jan. 26, 2016 photo, Daniele Ferreira dos Santos holds her son Juan Pedro, who was born with microcephaly, outside her house in Recife, Pernambuco state, Brazil. Santos was never diagnosed with Zika, but she blames the virus for her son’s defect and for the terrible toll it has taken on her life. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

Life at Zika epicentre: a struggle for afflicted family

New mother Daniele Ferreira dos Santos shares the toll the Zika virus has taken on her family in Brazil.

Child's final wish 'before I go to heaven' takes social media by storm

"You show strength at such a young age with such dignity," one well wisher writes.


'It gives me peace of mind there is something for us' - Pharmac MS treatment buy praised

Pharmac will fund a treatment to help sufferers of multiple sclerosis.

Scientists have warned that it could be a decade before a vaccine is available for the mosquito-borne virus.

Four million new Zika infections could hit the Americas this year warns WHO

"The level of alarm is extremely high," as the virus is now in more than 20 countries.

Scientists have warned that it could be a decade before a vaccine is available for the mosquito-borne virus.

More research needed into link between birth defects and Zika virus

The virus is thought to cause babies to have unusually small heads.

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