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Nurses' strike could still be on the cards as pay dispute continues

A panel which has been working with DHBs and nurses, recommends a 9 per cent pay increase.


Panel recommends nurses get immediate three per cent pay rise and one-off $2,000 sum

The nurses' union says the pay offer doesn't enable parity with secondary school teachers until late in the piece.


Listen: Simon Barnett reveals wife Jodi has a brain tumour, as he struggles to hold back the tears on air - 'I get so scared'

The more FM radio host's wife suffered a seizure on April 29 he described as "beyond horrible".

Health leaders say the rates of smoking among Maori and Pacifica remain too high, with one calling for a total ban.

Experts tell Government to ban cigarette sales by 2025 as smoke free goal 'a train wreck for Maori and Pasifika'

A Maori health leader and anti-smoking campaigner warned politicians more needs to be done, and soon, to save lives.

Funded Viagra needed for prostate cancer patients, says foundation

The cost of Viagra is too high for men recovering from prostate cancer, the Prostate Cancer Foundation says.

The study found youngsters whose parents smoke can have nicotine levels so high they may as well be smokers.

'Saying it's a train wreck for Maori and Pasifika is an understatement' - Maori Public Health boss warns NZ can't hit 2025 Smokefree goal

Maori Public Health boss Lance Norman told politicians today that 35 per cent of Maori still smoke, along with 25 per cent of Pasifika and 12-13 per cent of all other ethnicities.

'No one will see your yellow skin in that jacket' – Toni Street recounts how her daughters reacted to her severe illness

Juliette and Mackenzie were forthcoming in their opinions as Street battled acute liver failure and jaundice.

The method uses a test to identify gene mutations in children and teenagers.

New cancer treatment aiming to give families options being trialled in NZ

The method uses a test to identify gene mutations in children and teenagers.

Young Kiwi children pushed to the brink by family violence

Children as young as 7 or 8 are telling social workers they have thought of killing themselves because of the violence at home.

Countries like America, China, France and Germany have mandatory labels, but in New Zealand currently they are voluntary.

Should tobacco-style warnings be placed on alcohol sold in New Zealand?

Countries like America, China, and Germany have mandatory labels, but in NZ currently they're voluntary.

New research is urging doctors and midwives to wait before cutting the chord, as it cuts the risk of death by a third.

'A phenomenal difference' – premature babies could be saved by waiting 60 seconds before clamping umbilical chord

New research is urging doctors and midwives to wait before cutting the chord, as it cuts the risk of death by a third.

Anika says the thought of stopping drinking "makes me want to kind of vomit in my mouth a little bit".

Anika Moa visits a clinical hypnotist who reckons she can reduce your drinking in a week, but did it work?

Moa says the thought of stopping drinking "makes me want to kind of vomit in my mouth a little bit".

Researchers call for mandatory warning labels on alcohol after study finds wildly variable standards

Only 19 per cent of the drinks studied had any kind of warning about drink driving, which the researchers say was concerning considering New Zealand's issues with that.

The Auckland hospital has leaky buildings and the problem could be worse than initially thought

Middlemore Hospital project process a 'complete disgrace' - manager

Newly released documents also show millions of dollars of spending were hidden to keep the lecture theatre and associated meeting rooms under a spending cap.

Dr Marc Lanteigne of Massey University says while Ebola itself is serious, the threat to New Zealand is minimal.

Is Ebola a threat to NZ? Expert discusses the chance of an outbreak here

Outbreaks have been taking place for decades in Africa and recent cases in the Congo are causing concern.

Justice Committee starts hearing record 35,000 submissions on controversial euthanasia bill

The committee will report back to the House next year in March.

In this photo taken Saturday, May 12, 2018, health workers don protective clothing as they prepare to attend to patients in the isolation ward to diagnose and treat suspected Ebola patients, at Bikoro Hospital in Bikoro, the rural area where the Ebola outbreak was announced last week, in Congo. Congo's latest Ebola outbreak has now spread to Mbandaka, a city of more than 1 million people, a worrying shift as the deadly virus risks traveling more easily in densely populated areas. (Mark Naftalin/UNICEF via AP)

Fourteen confirmed cases of Ebola in Congo outbreak

The World Health Organisation calls the risk to the public in Congo "very high" and the regional risk "high".

A petition is being handed over to parliament carrying more than 13,000 signatures.

Midwives say $103 million funding boost won't fix problems

Half of the money is to go towards an 8.9 per cent increase in fees for 1400 lead maternity carers.

Doctor with patient (file picture).

Cheaper GP visits will need publicity so low-income earners don't miss out - medical centre

Half a million people will soon be able to visit the doctor for less, after yesterday's Budget announced GP visits will be slashed by up to $30 for Community Services Card holders.

In 'major game-changer' Ebola virus spreads to major city in Congo

A total of 44 cases of Ebola have been reported in Congo in this outbreak.

The 'Never too young' campaign is out to create awareness of the disease, which doesn’t just impact older people.

It's okay to talk about bowel cancer, say young survivors launching 'Never too young' campaign

The group is hoping to save more lives by pointing out young people are not immune to bowel cancer.

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