Greenlane hospital falls short on firestopping standards
The union says doctors are tired of unsafe hours and working conditions.
Junior doctors to go on longest strike yet over rosters
The guide states children under two should have no screen time at all.
Children under two should have no screen time at all, new report says
Revolutionary pacemaker that harvests energy from heartbeats tests successfully
- administration of antigenic material (vaccine) to stimulate an individual's immune system to develop adaptive immunity to a pathogen.
Anti-vaccination message spreads to Pacific, UNICEF concerned for vulnerable nations
No screen time for babies, only 1 hour per day for kids under 5, WHO recommends
This week’s recipient Alison Douglas has dealt with more than her fair share of blows.
Meet the inspirational Levin woman who despite battling cancer, puts in the hard yards at work
Group of doctors in a hurry down the hospital hallway for emergency
'For years I have dreamt of this moment' -son recounts the moments his mother woke from a 27-year-long coma
Middlemore Hospital seeks to stop rising violence in emergency department
injecting injection vaccine vaccination medicine flu man doctor insulin health drug influenza concept - stock image
Number of measles cases in Bay of Plenty rises to 10
Electrical stimulation to the spine is helping some walk more freely.
New treatment restoring movement to patients with Parkinson’s Disease
It’s hoped this will benefit rural New Zealanders.
Major shakeup to the way paramedics treat heart attacks
Health group Te Whare Hauora has introduced sensors to alert officials of damp housing conditions.
New technology will let you know if your house is making you sick
Baby sleeping.
Concern over a lack of regulations for baby sleeping spaces
injecting injection vaccine vaccination medicine flu man doctor insulin health drug influenza concept - stock image
Australia sees spike in rubella cases after it was declared 'rubella-free'
They say the bylaws are inconsistent with the prostitution reform.
Differing brothel bylaws could be putting sex workers at risk
New initiative to get faster treatment to New Zealanders suffering heart attacks
The Government has made “a good start” turning around decades of underfunding in the health sector, Grant Robertson says.
Mental health 'big priority' in this year's Budget - Finance Minister
The council’s executive director, Matthew Tukaki, joined Breakfast to discuss why the current DHB model is “not fit for purpose”.
Calls for 'standalone Māori heath authority' as DHB model labelled 'not fit for purpose'
medical marijuana concept
New poll suggests only 18% of Kiwis support recreational cannabis legalisation
The ambulance service is in a financial crisis, one Government MO admits.
Overwhelming majority of Kiwis think St John should be fully funded, new poll finds
John Singleton at the 70th annual Directors Guild of America Awards in Beverly Hills, Calif.
Boyz N the Hood director John Singleton hospitalised after suffering a stroke
Officials have serious concerns for many in the Canterbury region – especially young people.
Mental health helplines inundated after Christchurch terrorist attacks
Disabled Kiwis 'enormously grateful' after ministers push back on $30m funding cuts
E.coli in Lower Hutt water supply a false alarm
A vaccine shortage means immunisations will be targeted.
Lower vaccination rates leave Northland 'extremely exposed' to measles, other infectious diseases
Pharmacist holding medicine box and capsule pack in pharmacy drugstore.
Auckland pharmacy group fined $92,500 for underpaying trainees
The taxpayer-funded organisation runs three medical clinics, a preschool and social services.
Ex-employees call on Government investigation of Tongan Health Society in Auckland
E.coli detected in Lower Hutt water supply
Oxford University says just small amounts of processed foods like bacon and sausages can increase the risk of getting the disease.
Bowel cancer risk rises with even moderate servings of bacon and beef - research