Two weeks on from the gastro outbreak, the public is being warned to watch for other conditions the disease can bring.

Havelock North residents now on look out for secondary illnesses

Two weeks on from the gastro outbreak, the public is being warned to watch for other conditions the disease can bring.

Alison Habbal's tattoo was created by New Zealand tattooist Makkala Rose.

Kiwi Tattooist's 13-hour breast tattoo for cancer patient praised

The work a New Zealand tattoo artist created on a cancer patient's breast in a 13-hour session is being praised.

The disease was stamped out in the region years ago, but those who contracted it are still struggling.

Polio survivors in the Pacific are in need of help

Although the disease was stamped out years ago, survivors are still in need of more help and better care.

Mark Robertson and his boss will attempt to complete the feat in three days.

Oamaru man set to embark on 250km bike ride to tackle personal demons

Mark Robertson and his boss will bike from Oamaru to Christchurch in October in a bid to lose weight and raise money.

The practice is something even the Health Minister agrees could increase the risk of infection.

'You'll get re-infected' - Elderly man fighting cancer told by DHB to re-use his catheters

Even the Health Minister is shocked and agrees the practice could increase risk of infection and should not be done.

The Hawke's Bay Regional Council has growing concerns about maintenance of water bores.

Havelock North locals to get $57 rates rebate following water crisis

The town has been almost dead for two weeks as the community fights to get back on its feet.

Havelock North’s supply of water is still undrinkable a week since it was contaminated with campylobacter.

Elderly woman infected by Gastro outbreak dies

A woman in her 90s, affected by campylobacter died yesterday evening from an unrelated medical condition.

The Pacific root drink which acts as a sedative is often a replacement for alcohol.

Thousands drinking kava in NZ, but is it a cure or a killer?

The initial results of a study by a surgeon in Fiji are startling.

The water in nearby Hastings has now tested positive for E coli as well.

Water security questioned in Hawke's Bay contamination

The HDC may have hidden evidence that the security of water supply bores was to blame for the contamination.

Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox says MPs should lead by example, but Winston Peters says she's out of touch with ordinary Maori, while John Key says you've got to be cruel to be kind to MPs who're smoking addicts.

Speaker bans smoking on Parliament's lawns and forecourt

Smokers wanting to light up outside Parliament are now out of luck.

Sydney mum slammed for sharing distressing video of newborn suffering from whooping cough

Sandra Tee from Sydney posted the video to show the importance of vaccination.

Concussions can give rugby players cognitive issues later, research finds

AUT found that they have lower attention span and worse processing speeds.

There are calls for local authorities to do more tests on the river because of the water supply contamination.

Cattle filmed wandering in Tukituki River as Hawke's Bay gastro crisis continues

Some scientists have suggested that the source of contamination could be from the river.

Authorities have fronted today over the crisis that started two weeks ago.

Campylobacter outbreak at Havelock North retirement village being investigated

Patients with gastro at Mary Doyle Lifecare retirement village have been restricted from visitors.

It's been a year since nine year old Zion Harvey received a double-hand transplant and he's determined to live a normal life.

Super-cute double-hand transplant boy's goal: 'Convince mum to let me play football'

Nine-year-old Zion lost his hands and feet to amputation after suffering a serious infection.

James Rolleston and with Taika Waititi earlier in his career

Boy actor James Rolleston remains in hospital following car smash

Rolleston, 19, was badly hurt in a crash near Opotiki nearly a month ago.

An American drug policy expert believes we should wait until more scientific research into benefits and side effects is done.

'Prohibition has been a costly failure' - think tank slams marijuana criminalisation

A report has found legalising the drug would bring in about $150 million in tax.

But officials believe testing which showed E-coli contamination in a water tanker may be a false alarm.

Clive School in Hawke's Bay closes as it awaits results from tests of water supply

The school said parents would be notified today after the results were received.

ONE News reporter Sam Kelway finds out getting vulnerable teens to face up to negative pressure is a challenge.

New video game designed to help teenagers with depressive thoughts

Sparx was designed to help teens tackle their gloomy feelings head-on instead of hiding away from it.

The facility was home to an elderly lady died in after contracting the illness.

Chlorination extended across Hastings District as water contamination saga drags on

A decision has been made to supply Havelock North's water from the Hastings' water system for the foreseeable future.


Gastro outbreak forces lockdown of Havelock North retirement village

It's the same village where Jean Sparksman, 89, died after contracting campylobacter at the weekend.

The findings might provide information for potential legal action, but John Key says that’s not its purpose.

Residents told to choose between pure and chlorinated water in future following gastro outbreak

Some Havelock North residents have complained the chlorination in their water is now causing skin problems.

The union has released treasury figures to ONE News which show total Government health spending as a proportion of GDP is falling.

Burnt-out, stressed doctors putting patients' lives at risk

Twelve-hour days, 12 days straight, plus seven nights on call, are leading to burnt-out and stressed doctors.

A student from the creative arts department contracted the deadly disease and has been admitted to hospital.

Massey University's Wellington campus on high alert after student contracted meningitis

Staff and students are being asked whether or not they were in contact with the student.

Million dollar research funding boost for heart disease

The funding will be split between project grants, fellowships and summer studentships.

The findings might provide information for potential legal action, but John Key says that’s not its purpose.

Greenpeace wants 'industrial dairy farming' included in water contamination inquiry

John Key believes it's too soon to link intensification and water contamination.

An inquiry on euthanasia begins hearing evidence on Wednesday more than 20,000 wrote to MPs.

'Ordinary people with heart rending stories' - Euthanasia debate fires up as Parliament poised to hear evidence

More than 20,000 people have written to Parliament's inquiry, with a range of views.

Surgeon, surgery, scapel

Doctor to undergo competence review after perforating woman's bowel during surgery

The surgeon has been found to have failed to provide a reasonable level of care.

The Prime Minister says the inquiry will include any improvements needed in water supply management in Havelock North and nationally.

Government announces wide-ranging inquiry into Havelock North water crisis

The inquiry will have powers that include the ability to call witnesses.

The findings might provide information for potential legal action, but John Key says that’s not its purpose.

Council and DHB in 'recovery and investigation' mode over gastro crisis

The Government will release the terms for an inquiry into the water crisis later today.

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