Massey University drug researcher Dr Chris Wilkins says the supply of meth coming out of Asia now is huge, which is lowering the price here.

Pill to help methamphetamine addicts break habit to be trialled in Australia

The two-year N-ICE trial will be carried out in Wollongong, Geelong and Melbourne.

Erana Paraone and  Wiremu Keretene challenged their local Coin Save in Kawakawa.

Northland couple take action to stop meth pipe sale at shops

Erana Paraone and her partner Wiremu Keretene challenged their local Coin Save in Kawakawa last week over the pipes in their display cases.

Tagata Pasifika met Isaiah Young who is hoping to go to the US for surgery on his spine.

Auckland boy’s family races against time to raise money for life changing surgery

Tagata Pasifika met Isaiah Young who is hoping to go to the US for surgery on his spine.

The Counties Manukau DHB says there's been a "progressive increase" in the amount of time patients stay at Middlemore.

Auckland, Northland hospital computer systems within minutes of failing - report

This followed a power cut at Middlemore Hospital on an unspecified date in Sept 2018.

Andrew Kralicek is on the hunt for a technology that could potentially smell cancer, and be worth a billion dollars.

Kiwi scientist sets out to turn keen sense of smell into next killer app - using insects

Dr Andrew Kralicek is hoping to sniff out cancer by replicating insects' keen smell receptors.

The system allows doctors in neighbouring regions to log in and out at busy surgeries, as demand grows over winter.

Invercargill practice calls in doctors from other regions to see patients

Well South Invercargill hopes the four month trial will see the method used in other remote regions.

Marion Blake CEO Platform Trust, a network organisations which work in the mental health sector.

Fears nurses' pay rise will sideline health and addiction workers

The country's increasing need for mental health workers has been well documented.

ACC medical specialists to walk off the job tomorrow over contract dispute

A total of 39 specialists will go on strike for four hours from 8am, and further strikes are planned in future.

CEO Mark Dixon said instead it was a perfect opportunity for day care centres to educate about allergies and health concerns.

Banning birthday cakes at early childcare centres just 'generates negativity' - Allergy NZ

CEO Mark Dixon said instead it was a perfect opportunity for education about allergies.

Police ditch plan to send mental health workers on crisis callouts

The emergency service had lobbied hard for the new approach and the National government last year announced $8 million to trial it.

Public health expert hopes new report won't deter people from drinking tap water

A Ministry of Health report says some Kiwis are exposed to water that doesn't meet all the safety standards.

Christchurch zoo feels 'helpless' after barrage of 'unsubstantiated' animal welfare complaints

Park Chief Executive Lynn Anderson believes the allegations have come from a staff member.

Popular Kellogg's breakfast cereal recalled in US after salmonella outbreak

At least 30 of the people infected in the outbreak have been hospitalised.

Johnson & Johnson pay out $USD 4.7 billion to 22 women and their families, who claim the powder contains asbestos, which contributed their ovarian cancer.

Johnson & Johnson told to pay $6.9 billion over claims of cancer-causing asbestos in talcum powder

Twenty-two women claimed in a US court case that asbestos in the popular talcum powder contributed to their ovarian cancer.

Over 20,000 nurses walked off the job today, after failing to agree a pay deal with health boards.

'That is the offer' - Nurse and DHB negotiations reach stalemate with no more money on the table

The nurses' union has warned that further strike action may be needed.

The Australasian study claims drinking just once a week can have serious repercussions.

Regular drinking in teens leads to future alcohol problems, study finds

The Australasian study claims drinking just once a week can have serious repercussions.

It follows paraplegic Tanya Black as she looks for a natural alternative for her pain.

Kiwi woman documents her struggle to obtain medicinal cannabis in TVNZ1 doco Pot Pursuit

Paraplegic woman Tanya Black's story will air on TVNZ1 on Sunday.

More than 20,000 nurses hit picket lines, demanding a better offer from health bosses.

Nurses return to work as national strike involving close to 30,000 ends

Crowds of nurses hit the streets to protest the district health boards' latest pay offer while more than 5000 nurses remained on duty for patient safety.

Babies Lameko and Lanna died at the same hospital last week, within three minutes of receiving the vaccine.

Cook Islands lift hold on MMR vaccine, after deaths of two babies in Samoa

The two infants died in Savaii two hours apart just minutes after receiving the vaccine.

Mr Peters says the current government is unable to solve issues “all in one budget”.

Watch: 'Give us a chance and we will help you' – Acting PM Winston Peters talks nurses strike

He says says government is unable to solve everything "all in one budget".

Dr Take Naseri says the nurses involved have since been removed from the "tense atmosphere" after babies Lameko and Lanna’s died.

Watch: Samoan Ministry of Health says nurses offered counselling after one-year-olds die after receiving MMR vaccine

Dr Take Naseri says a full-scale investigation into the deaths is taking place, with experts coming in from overseas.

Zoe Palmer presented her petition, with 2278 signatures, to Green MP Gareth Hughes on Parliament steps today.

Teen's fight to keep 24 hour mental health service in Nelson reaches Parliament

Zoe Palmer, 18, presented her 2278 strong petition to Gareth Hughes and Paul Eagle.

1 NEWS has spoken with dozens of people visiting the hospital today who say things are running smoothly inside.

'Good on them' - Patients at Tauranga Hospital back nurses as hundreds there strike

1 NEWS has spoken with dozens of people visiting the hospital today, not one seems disgruntled with the strike.

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