Community demands answers over what caused kids to become seriously ill at a Carterton school

Police now believe they can rule out initial reports that a plane flying overhead may have dropped a toxic substance on the school.

HNZ promises 'genuine' approach to compensation for tenants turfed out after meth testing fiasco

That could range from an apology from Housing New Zealand, to cancellation of meth-related debt and repayment, to a grant for household items and moving costs.

Emergency department doctor Mark Gilbert says the patients have been critically unwell as a bad batch of the drug is sold.

Doctor's stark warning after Christchurch synthetic cannabis overdoses

A "nasty batch" of the drug has caused 10 people to overdose in the city in the last 48 hours.

Researchers tested the 15-year-old children of teens who were studied in the 1980s, researcher Helena McAnally explained to Breakfast.

Disturbing new study finds Kiwi teens are fatter and less fit than their parents

The girls were 25 per cent less fit than their mums were at the same age, while boys were 15 per cent less fit.

Jeff Attwell was diagnosed with the condition in his early fifties.

'Hobbies may help people with dementia,' says psychiatrist as Morris Minor enthusiast hits the road

It's World Alzheimer's Day and sufferer Jeff Atwell has revived his hobby.

US surgeon accused of removing wrong organ and not telling patient

Dena Knapp was supposed to have her adrenal gland removed. Instead, one of her kidneys went missing.

It comes after Havelock North's gastro crisis was a wake-up call for New Zealand.

More chlorination likely with water services set to be centralised

A gastro outbreak prompted a review of drinking water, wastewater and stormwater nationwide.

A petition is being handed over to parliament carrying more than 13,000 signatures.

Midwives met with silence on pay equity funding model

New Zealand midwives are heading into a "make-or-break" pay talk meeting with the Government today.

Pharmacist holding medicine box and capsule pack in pharmacy drugstore.

Oxfam claims NZ among countries hit by tax-shifting drug companies

It says Abbott, Johnson & Johnson, Merck and Pfizer are systematically shifting their profits.

They’ve made the plea face to face with Coke at a conference in Auckland.

Are Coke poised to produce a cannabis-infused drink?

The beverage giant's interest is another indication of the growing corporate acceptance of cannabis.

It’s used for the condition of stress incontinence, which is common after childbirth, but has been banned in Britain.

Inaction over banning surgical mesh putting Kiwi women at risk - Christine Rankin

Surgical mesh has been banned in Britain, but not in New Zealand.

Australasia suffers the highest cancer rate in the world

About 46 per cent of New Zealand men and a third of women are likely to develop cancer, says WHO.


Weekend's most read: Pregnant women refusing prenatal care after children taken by social services

More than 6000 children are in the care of Oranga Tamaraki – a 22 per cent increase from six years ago.

US to open wildlife refuge at ex-nuke site despite concern for public safety

The US Interior Department said it would open the wildlife refuge after briefly putting the opening on hold.

Asbestos from burnt building in Wellington not being monitored by the council

It was revealed that dust samples from cars parked near the building had tested positive for asbestos.

Lucas de Jong, our F45 rookie, is taking on the fad.

Seven Sharp tries to get summer ready in a month with the F45 workout

Lucas de Jong, our F45 rookie, is taking on the fad.

BPA-free plastic containers may not be less toxic

Substitutes may have ingredients that cause similar problems as the product they're replacing.

Pharmac defends position not to fund bowel cancer drug

Many patients with late-stage cancer react severely to regular chemotherapy drugs.

New Zealand is one of the few developed countries to still struggle with high rates of rheumatic fever, and the vaccine could save hundreds of lives.

New vaccine to protect Kiwis from rheumatic fever could save hundreds of lives

A funding boost has been given by Heart Foundation for the much-needed vaccine.

Channel Nine Australia’s Gabriella Rogers has more.

Consumption of full fat milk and cheese good for our hearts, new study says

The UK study says people who have three portions of dairy per day have lower risk of stroke and heart disease.

Xavier Cunningham's survival, after he fell from a tree and landed on the meat skewer, is being called a miracle.

Watch as boy, 10, is presented with metal skewer that penetrated his skull

Xavier Cunningham's survival, after he fell from a tree and landed on the meat skewer, is being called a miracle.

Crotty's sister shared her conerns about his string of concussions after getting knocked out last month.

'Had to convince them I was right' - Ryan Crotty says mum, sister support All Blacks return despite recent head knocks

Crotty's sister shared her concerns about his string of concussions after getting knocked out last month.

Unrecognizable nurse with medical report, selective focus

Investigation underway after woman dies days after being sent home from Brisbane hospital after giving birth

It's understood she was discharged last month and had suffered a suspected blood clot after having a caesarean delivery.

Johann Hari, who spent several years researching drug use, addiction and treatment for his book, says we’ve misunderstood addiction.

New Zealand should legalise drugs, treat addiction with 'compassion and love' as they have in Portugal, says researcher

Journalist Johann Hari spent several years researching addiction for his book, Chasing the Scream and is currently in New Zealand.

US boy lands on meat skewer that penetrated his skull from face to the back of his head

It miraculously missed 10-year-old's eye, brain, spinal cord and blood vessels during freak accident.

Cropped shot of a stressed businessman sitting at his deskhttp://

NZ researchers help find key 'villain' in causing migraines

Millions suffer migraines. This could be the first step in developing "novel drugs" to combat them.

Dying patients with rare chemotherapy reaction paying for own drugs

Patricia Tear suffered from cardio-toxicity from the chemo drug after being diagnosed with bowel cancer.

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