Willy Wonka child actor Denise Nickerson, who played Violet Beauregard, has died

Denise Nickerson, the actress who as a child played the iconic character Violet Beauregard in the 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, died in her Colorado hospital bed today.

She was 62.

The actress was visited the same day by her loved ones, after being rushed to hospital earlier this week when she suffered a seizure, according to website TMZ.

Denise Nickerson poses with 'golden ticket' at The Hollywood Show in 2014 Source: Getty

Doctors said she had pneumonia and was put on life support.

Nickerson had suffered from a stroke in June last year and was left in a critical condition and placed in an intensive care unit.

In addition to Willy Wonka, she found work on TV shows such as The Brady Bunch, Search for Tomorrow, Dark Shadows and The Electric Company.