Watch: 'Isn't it just the most incredible place' – Kate Winslet, Stephen Colbert gush over New Zealand

Kate Winslet and US talk show host Stephen Colbert couldn't help but gush over their time they have spent in New Zealand when the English actress appeared on his TV show. 

Colbert raised the topic of Winslet's first ever movie she acted in, Heavenly Creatures, which he mentioned was filmed in New Zealand with film maker Peter Jackson. 

The movie focuses on an English teenage girl, played by Winslet, who moved from England to Christchurch with her family. While in New Zealand she forms a unique friendship with a Kiwi girl.

Together, they hatch a plan to run away to America together. 

When asked by Colbert if she liked New Zealand, Winselt said she "loved it so much".

I know it quite well, I have a lot of friends there. Actually I have family there believe it or not," she admitted. 

"Isn't it just the most incredible place?

"It is a very very beautiful corner of the universe."

Speaking about his own travels to our country, Colbert said, "you just want to stay there and 'say here I will be a man.'

"The whole country looks like the world was just born. 

"And there is nothing there that can kill you... there are no predators."

Kate laughed and said, "they talk about that all the time. 'Come here. There is nothing that can kill you guys." while putting on a rather decent New Zealand accent.