Video: 'It's like a curse' - tearful Stan Walker releases raw and personal trailer for documentary on health battles

Kiwi singer Stan Walker has released the trailer for an intimate documentary detailing his serious health battles over the last year, after discovering a rare cancer-causing gene which runs in his family.

Walker unveiled the trailer on his Instagram account yesterday, posting with it the comment:

The Kiwi singer said he wanted to "represent the people of the land, indigenous people around the world". Source: Seven Sharp

"The biggest thing I think I've ever had to share with the world. Thank you @threenewzealand for letting me do this the way I want to & allowing me to document probably the most vulnerable time of my life. Kia ora."

In the short trailer, Walker speaks of his fear the illness may end his music career.

The Kiwi singer songwriter goes back to his musical roots and will soon release his first album in almost two years. Source: Breakfast

"What if I can't sing again, this is my bread and butter," Walker says.

"It's like a curse, it's quite scary, the unknown."

The NZ Herald reported that last year, Walker discovered he has a rare cancer-causing gene mutation responsible for the death of 25 members of his family.

It is understood that Walker has had his stomach removed as a result.

The genetic mutation which runs in Walker's family is expected to cause stomach cancer in 70 per cent of people by the age of 40.

Four weeks ago, Walker made an Instagram post recognising his cousin who had his stomach removed, following cancer.

The popular singer is inspiring young Kiwis through his work with Youthline. Source: Seven Sharp

The documentary Stan is set to air on Three.