Trailer released for Mosley, first major animated film made in New Zealand

A trailer has been released for the first New Zealand-made major animated film - Mosley - which features the voices of Lucy Lawless, Temuera Morrison, Rhys Darby and John Rhys-Davies.

Huhu Studios made the film in New Zealand, and it was written and directed by Kirby Atkins - a former Weta employee.

It was also the first official co-production between New Zealand and China, and is endorsed by the New Zealand Film Commission.

The film follows a family of "thoriphants" - a fictional species somewhere between an elephant and a goat.

The father - Mosley - works long days on the farm, and after returning to his barn one evening his son Rue tells him he found something amazing in the woods.

Mosley follows Rue, and they find an ancient cave with drawings of creatures similar to themselves, but standing upright, and with hands.

Mosley, counselled by his wife Bera, sets off on a journey to find the 'Uprights' and potentially free his family from servitude, but his mean-spirited farmer owner sends a hunter after him called Warfield.

The film will be released in New Zealand on October 10.