'They've been saving lives' - Stan Walker pays tribute to workers on the Covid-19 frontline

Stan Walker, alongside the events industry hard-hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, wants to thank New Zealanders and frontline workers.

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The musician is part of the Thank You project paying tribute to the frontline workers and team of 5 million. Source: Seven Sharp

Walker and people working in the industry are collaborating for the Thank You project. Walker said the project was about thanking first responders for their work before and during the lockdown. The project also paid tribute to New Zealand's team of five million.

“They’ve just been working, saving lives, making sure that everybody’s looked after,” he said.

He said he wanted to offer what he could for free, even if that meant just a nice sunset and his voice.

“Money can’t really put a price on what these people have been doing.”

Walker said he’d seen it first-hand with a close friend of his who is a nurse who continued to serve even while pregnant.

Walker said he’d found Covid-19 cancellations “pretty tough”.

But, he said it was nothing compared to people who were living week-to-week gigging and doing festivals.

Walker said he was looking on the bright side of the lockdown and had enjoyed home-cooked meals and spending time with family.