Sir Peter Jackson's latest film project set to give Kiwi film industry huge boost

It won't be hitting movie screens for a year, but the first taste of Sir Peter Jackson's film Mortal Engines has been released and it's already generating a buzz for the Kiwi film industry.

It's the first international block-buster film produced and staffed almost entirely by New Zealanders and it is being used as a calling card for recruiting students.

The Film Commission said it is really unusual for a film of this size to be based in New Zealand.

"Ninety-seven per cent of people working on it are Kiwis, all of the post-production is happening here with Weta Digital," it said. 

The film is based on a series of books and is directed by New Zealander Christian Rivers and produced and written by Sir Peter Jackson.

The Film Commission said it has the potential to be like The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit.

"I think it really just keeps sending that message that there’s a lot of creative film work that comes out of New Zealand."

For the first time, the Film Commission and Education New Zealand have teamed up with Universal Pictures in the hope it will help recruit students to New Zealand.

Education New Zealand said this is the first time they have been looking at the skills and talents that go into these things.

Nearly 5,000 international students come to New Zealand each year to study creative arts.

It's the first international block-buster filmed, produced and staffed almost entirely by New Zealanders. Source: 1 NEWS

Lorde gets her Learner's Licence just in time for supervised drive during Christmas traffic madness

She was eligible for it over five years ago, but it looks like the country's biggest pop star has finally got her license.

Lorde (real name Ella Yelich-O'Connor) fresh off the back of her Melodrama world tour, seems to have found the time to study the road code right before Christmas.

Her mother, Sonja, took to Twitter to congratulate her superstar daughter for passing the multi-choice learner driver test yesterday.

"2 of my kids just got their #Learners today #angelo #ella #L 🚗🚙," she wrote.

The 21-year-old passed the computer-based test alongside her younger brother Angelo.

Khalid said the Kiwi singer was sick for much of the tour but battled on regardless. Source: Seven Sharp

Clutching her award bounty from the VMA’s, Lorde spoke on how emotional her homecoming tour has been. Source: 1 NEWS

You need to get at least 32 of 35 questions right to pass.

Seven Sharp's Tim Wilson hits the streets to get advice for the global pop icon. Source: Seven Sharp


First trailer of Sir Peter Jackson's New Zealand-shot film Mortal Engines reveals post-apocalyptic world

The first teaser trailer for the highly anticipated new Kiwi film, penned and produced by Peter Jackson, Mortal Engines, has been released for New Zealand audiences to view this morning.

The film is directed by New Zealand's Christian Rivers and was shot entirely in New Zealand.

Over 1000 Kiwis took part in the making of the film, which was shot over 16 weeks in Wellington earlier this year, with many of them landing acting roles in the film.

"It's a testament to the skill, talent and imagination of New Zealand crews that they are able to completely fabricate these other worlds that have never been seen before. Our crews are extraordinary," Rivers said.

The director has previously worked with Peter Jackson as a visual effects artist on King Kong, for which he won an Oscar.

Mortal Engines is adapted from a series of books by Philip Reeve which tell the tale of a post-apocalyptic future where humankind roams the earth in massive moving cities.

The trailer was originally intended to be shown before Star Wars: The Last Jedi in theatres, but a timing issue has meant it wasn't able to be released to Kiwi audiences until today.

NZ's film and TV industry is to get a massive funding boost in the Budget. Source: 1 NEWS

The trilogy went on to win 17 Oscars and established NZ as the real Middle Earth. Source: Seven Sharp

The Kiwi running star thinks the entertainment industry can improve its portrayal of disabled people. Source: 1 NEWS

The film will be released worldwide in December 2018.