Rhys Mathewson goes in search of long-rumoured TVNZ ghost

There have been rumours for years that the TVNZ building in Auckland has a ghost on its premises.

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Some claim they've seen it, but nothing has been caught on camera. Source: Seven Sharp

Some claim they’ve seen it, but nothing’s ever been caught on camera. And, in a building full of cameras, that just didn’t add up.

Former TVNZ security guard Robin Rawnsley has certainly seen some things through the years.

He thinks the previous occupants never moved out.

“Two old houses where the road is at down the corner here, an old lady lived in one of them and she didn’t want to leave it apparently,” he says.

Seven Sharp sent reporter Rhys Mathewson, along with a team from Haunted Auckland - a Paranormal Research and Investigation group, to investigate. 

Armed with thermal imaging cameras, various ghost-busting devices and a teddy-bear, the hunters set to work.

Investigators spent much of the night seeking out the alleged ghost but there was no sign of any paranormal activity.

For the full investigation watch the video above.