Oscars 2019 kicks off after being plagued with controversy last time around

The 2019 Academy Awards is about to hit off in Los Angles after having been plagued with controversies ranging from the host to the awards themselves.

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From public outcry over the host to the awards themselves, the road to the Oscars has been bumpy. Source: 1 NEWS

Starting in August 2018, the announcement of the Best Popular Film award was negatively received by naysayers who said it was a condescending way to reward blockbuster films that lacked prestige of a Best Picture Oscar. Following the negative response, the Academy withdrew the category.

When the announcement of Comedian Kevin Hart as host came in December 2018 the internet was ready to remind the public of Hart’s past anti-gay jokes.

"Not wanting to be a distraction" to the ceremony, Hart stood down as host.

The Academy decided not to replace him opting for presenters to introduce segments and awards individually resulting in the first ceremony without a dedicated host since 1989.

In an attempt to shorten the broadcast, the Academy further enraged fans and filmmakers with the decision to present during commercial breaks.

Best Cinematography, Best Live Action Short Film, Best Film Editing and Best Makeup and Hairstyling would be awarded during the commercial breaks then edited and played later in the show. The Academy reversed this decision four days after the announcement was made.

Despite the negativity surrounding the Oscars, it could make history today for Best Picture front runner Roma.

If the Netflix film wins the award it would be the first foreign language film ever to do so. It will also make history as the first film nominated that was distrusted primarily through a streaming service.

The Oscars is being shown live on TVNZ2.