New series of Sweet Tooth to be filmed in NZ

There's a a boost for the NZ film industry today with a second series of Sweet Tooth, a post-apocalyptic drama, announced to be filmed here.

New series of Sweet Tooth to be filmed in NZ Source: Netflix

TVNZ spoke with Sweet Tooth show runner Jim Mickle, who confirmed New Zealand as a location

"We are in the writer's room right now," he said.

Sweet Tooth was one of Netflix’s biggest hits last year, reaching more than 60 million households worldwide.

“We've been writing scripts getting ahead of it, we want to stay ahead and keep the rhythm of it all going. We hope to be back (in NZ) in a couple of months and pick up right where we left off," MIckle said of the new series.

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It’s hoped work in NZ will start in a couple of months, show runner Jim Mickle said. Source: 1 NEWS

The majority of the cast and crew who made the original series are New Zealanders, including one of the directors, Toa Fraser.

Mickle will come from LA to Auckland to oversee the series.