Marlon Williams says he's 'venturing inwards' in new album written after relationship ended

Kiwi singer Marlon Williams says he's "venturing inwards" in his latest album Make Way for Love, written after his relationship ended, and it's "like confessing".

Seven Sharp reported the crooner's new album is a journey through the bliss and the bitterness of love.

Reporter Carolyn Robinson said the album is like a breathless peek into an achingly-honest diary.

"It's a very personal album. Whereas previously I'd always written character-based narratives, now I'm sort of venturing inwards," Williams said.

Robinson asked is it hard to put a lot of yourself into something everyone can hear?

"It's sort of easy in a way because you're losing the weight of whatever it is that's bearing down on you. It's like confessing. You feel free of whatever it is that was haunting you," Williams replied.

What was haunting him was a breakup with fellow musician Aldous Harding.

But there was harmony in the acrimony. The pair duet on the new album after Williams popped the question, "Will you sing with me?"

"It took a few asks, but I think she sort of saw what it meant to me and hopefully felt some sort of satisfaction in the expression too," he said.

"I needed to express something and the only way I seemed to be able to do it was through music. For the first time, I've never needed music that way."

The new record looks set to break plenty of hearts.

"It's a colouring in of as many of the corners of an affair that I could," Williams said.

"I listened to music as my outlet, but now for the first time I've needed to create it to feel that same satisfaction. So I feel like a changed man somewhat."

Seven Sharp's Carolyn Robinson spoke with Williams. Source: Seven Sharp